March 29


Best Small Businesses to Start in Alaska

If you want to start a business in Alaska, there are loads of ideas that can bring you wealth. Although, there are a few points to consider before starting a small business. For example, do you have the capital to make it through the first year? Or do you have backup plans if anything happens that could jeopardize your business?

As you read through the following ideas, don’t just settle on the one you feel would be most profitable. Instead, start a business that you feel passionate about, or else you certainly won’t feel motivated to carry on with it after the first year. 

Fishing Supply

The fishing industry is growing in Alaska, and if you position yourself correctly, you could do very well. For instance, you could set up a shop near a harbor, sell high-quality fishing supplies, and even offer repair services. However, with the large market, the key is setting yourself apart from the competition. What makes you unique above all others? That is going to be your ultimate marketing tool. 

Seafood Sales

Let’s say you already have a nice tackle shop set up. On top of providing affordable fishing supplies, you could offer your customers money for the fish they catch. Then, you could expand your business to sell and ship frozen seafood to grocery stores and markets around the country. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want to pay others for their catch, you can fish and sell on your own. While that would mean more work on your end and hiring additional employees to man the shop while you’re away, you could increase your profit margins.

Scenic Tours

While Alaska may be known for being extremely cold, it’s also recognized for its beautiful scenery. Tourists travel from around the globe to catch a glimpse of the landscape that makes the state special. So starting a scenic tour business could be very profitable.

Plus, the startup costs are small compared to others. All you would need is a state license, a vehicle to carry passengers, and the required commercial license to operate passenger vehicles. Or, consider walking tours in landmark buildings if you can’t afford a downpayment on a tour bus or boat. 


If you can handle the hardships of the food industry, a restaurant could be perfect for you. If you purchase fresh food from nearby vendors, that would be a great way to attract local customers and tourists. People love restaurants that promote sustainability, small business support, and non-processed foods. 

Car Wash and Repair

There will always be an overwhelming need for car washes and trustworthy mechanics, especially in Alaska. Opening a modern repair shop can be lucrative with the auto industry constantly expanding and changing. This is an awesome choice if you are willing to invest the time and money into training as technology evolves. 

Chain of Gas Stations

Gas stations can be profitable in any area of the country, but Alaska is well-known for being a massive supplier of crude oil. If you can work with local firms to supply oil, you could save big on transportation costs and maximize profits.

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    However, electric cars are rising in popularity, and the world is working to reduce its dependence on oil to fight climate change. Therefore, providing charging stations could be a great way to make more money and promote sustainability. 

    Open a Hotel

    Tourists need a nice place to wind down from their travels. So a hotel can be a very lucrative business. Plus, in areas with high tourism rates, they book quickly. So you won’t need to worry much about being overly competitive, as long as you can provide clean rooms, quality food, and amenities. 

    Trucking Company

    Truckers are the reason grocery stores stay stocked up so you can put food on the table. As a result, trucking companies will always be in demand. However, if buying multiple semi-trucks is out of your budget, consider starting with one and running as an owner-operator. This way, you can get started on the right foot, save your money, and expand your fleet down the line. 

    Things to Know Before Starting a Business

    There are formalities when it comes to starting a small business. For example, you’ll need to write a business plan, register as a legal entity, obtain an EIN, and find the capital to hit the ground running. Plus, there are other administrative costs that you’ll need to cover. For example, if you are running a car repair shop, injuries could happen on the job. Thankfully, workers’ compensation insurance in Alaska is an affordable safety net to keep your shop running.


    Alaska can be a thriving hub for small businesses, especially if you position yourself in an area with high tourism rates. However, to make the most money, you need to research the market, provide a personal touch to your services, and keep up with the tedious administrative tasks that many tend to put on the back burner.