December 29


Want to Run a PT Business From Home? Here’s How to Stick To the Rules

For many people, turning their home spaces into workout areas has come with a reduced number of gym visits. This has been reflected in the struggles gyms are facing at the current time; Bloomberg notes that 60% of gym goers are no longer visiting, despite 87% of gyms and related clubs reopening.

There has become a greater focus on smaller, local gyms, where hygiene can be monitored and communities can come together in a place to share. With that in mind, some homeowners may be considering turning their own garage gym into a commercial venture. This is a great idea, but awareness of the rules must be developed.

Staying Covered

Gyms carry with them some inherent risks that require insurance cover. This extends to both the premises and the employees. As the American College of Sports Medicine rightly asserts, anyone working in a professional capacity within the fitness world needs professional liability cover.

This will ensure that any legal costs are covered in the case of injury caused either by yourself, your staff, or the equipment in your gym, and ensuring fault is placed in the right place – whether that be you or a gym user not using the equipment correctly.

Workers, too, need business-style cover. If you employ anyone it’s important to obtain fitness business insurance, especially given the proportionately higher chance of sickness due to injury in the fitness industry. That will cover you, too.

Running a Business

According to Forbes, a key part of running a business is dealing with the paperwork. In simple terms, that’s ensuring that every box is ticked when it comes to your business affairs. You need to register your business properly, as well as pay all state and federal taxes, and ensure that you are following local ordinances and wider regulations.

Depending on where you live, this can be very complex. It pays to do your research, however, as this will enable you to avoid fines and keep on top of the bones of the operation. That will make for more time to run the business and grow your consumer base.

Spreading the News Wisely

Building a buzz about your business, and getting friends and family to start visiting, will initially start from word of mouth. From then on, however, it’s going to be the job of digital marketing to get your message out there and get people in the door.

Digital marketing will typically take place on social media websites, primarily Facebook and Instagram, with a bit of technical tinkering behind it to help Google reflect the importance of your business in their search results.

However, with federal and state data laws dovetailing with international protocols such as GDPR, it’s easy to put your foot wrong and end up collecting and/or sharing data that you shouldn’t have. Once again, check up on the rules and always err on the side of caution.

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    Sticking to the rules is half the challenge when setting up a new business. A single fine can be fatal for your long-term business ambitions – avoiding that is key and will give you peace of mind while you operate your fitness emporium.


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