August 31


4 of the Most Popular Garage Remodel Ideas

Most people use their garage to park their car in or to store items, such as Christmas decorations and bikes.

However, a garage can be transformed and turned into a valuable space that can be functional and lived in. Read on to learn about four of the more unique garage remodel ideas provided to you by Angi.

An Extra Bedroom

An extra bedroom could come in handy. You may be ready to welcome a new bundle of joy to your family and need another room, or you may wish you had a guest bedroom for the family to come to visit.

You may also have a family member moving in with you, and want to provide them with a room of their own. A garage can be insulated and remodeled to turn it into a bedroom that you can use for a variety of different reasons.

A Home Gym or Yoga Studio

The cost of a gym membership or yoga studio can add up quickly. If you work out frequently, you may want a home gym. A garage remodels project can take your garage and transform it into a space where you can work out.

You can then customize the color and machines to fit your needs, ultimately providing you with a personalized workout studio all in the comfort of your own home.

A Hobby Space

Everyone has different hobbies. But one of the things that can put a damper on your hobby is not having enough space. Whether you like to work on cars, complete woodworking projects, paint or draw, or sew, a garage remodel can transform your garage into the perfect hobby space for your needs.

Many couples take a garage and turn it into a shared hobby space so both can enjoy the space and complete the hobby they enjoy.

An Office or Classroom

COVID-19 has transformed many lives. Many people are now homeschooling their children and/or working from home. You may wish to complete a garage remodel to create an office or classroom space for yourself or your family.

This can provide you with a quiet space where work is completed within your home, while still being separated enough that you do not have the same distractions you would have if you were working in the kitchen or in your bedroom.

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    If you are looking to alter the appearance of your garage, you can paint it, install new flooring, change up the garage or install new lighting.

    However, you can also complete a garage remodel project and turn your garage into a space that may be more functional for you, based on your needs and lifestyle.

    Head over to Angi, formerly known as Angie’s List, to learn more about remodeling a garage into an extra bedroom, a home gym, or yoga studio, a hobby space, or as an office or classroom.


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