June 20


Pandemic Habits That Should Remain

When the coronavirus pandemic set a foothold, our lives changed in very many ways within a brief time. Our normal routines and regular habits were interfered with to curb the high rate at which the pandemic spread while still protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

Adopting the new normal habits has not been as easy but the impacts are evident and worth the effort. In as much as we wish to overcome Covid-19 and go back to our normal lives someday, some habits should stay with us as they have improved our lives. They include:


Washing your hands more often is the easiest way of eliminating germs. This has not only worked in reducing the spreading of the coronavirus, but we have also seen other germs-related illnesses reduced as well.

Washing your hands using water and soap reduces the spread of all germs. You can use a hand sanitizer as a substitute when you are out of reach of water and soap.

Home Cooking

After lockdowns were imposed, we all witnessed the closure of restaurants, organizations, as well as businesses. Most of us found ourselves indoors with a lot of free time. One way of seizing this opportunity was home cooking.

This means learning new recipes, spending time with kids in the kitchen showing them how to prepare different meals, as well as updating our menu with more nutritious alternatives. Family members have been gathering to share a meal thus enhancing a stronger bond of unity.

Also, food prepared at home tends to be more nutritious than fast-foods or food prepared in a restaurant.

Home/Outdoor Workouts

When gyms closed, many had to search for alternatives to keep up with their workout routines. It was a one-time opportunity for some to connect with nature as they engaged in outdoor workouts, while others have gone the extra mile by investing in gym equipment for indoor workouts.

Also, virtual workouts have become popular making it easy to track a workout routine and learn new things. As public gyms re-open, there is no valid excuse as to why you should miss a workout whether at home or work.

Practicing Self-Care

As the covid-19 cases increased, people got frightened, sad, and nervous, and more people sank into depression and anxiety. This posed a threat to the overall mental health.

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    However, some practices like meditation, yoga, and listening to smooth music among other mental wellness practices have been helping in managing these situations. Many people have realized just how important self-care is and that acknowledging when we need help is not weakness.

    Again, it is ok to disconnect, rewind, and recharge. This habit is worth holding on to forever.

    Creating Family Time

    Lockdowns meant mandatory family time and activities that involved social gatherings like football and movies have been replaced by backyard football and movies, respectively.

    Also, some people have been engaging in activities such as bike rides, crafts, and other outdoor games. Even as the stadiums and other social activities re-open, let us not forget the family activities we have created over time.

    Even as we look forward to putting the covid-19 pandemic behind us, we should never forget how these habits impacted our lives positively