April 12


Pace Calculator – Find Running Pace, Distance, and Time

A pace calculator is a valuable tool that will estimate your running speed. It will provide you with helpful information which will assist the runner of any level.

Thus, if you want to know about your running speed, you don’t need to confuse yourself.

The pace calculator will find the pace per mile using the known variables: distance and time taken to cover that distance. Therefore, it will help you to compare your running speed and will help you to improve.

In this article, I will differentiate the pace and speed, elaborate on how the pace calculator works, and how we comprehend average running speed.

What is the Difference Between Pace and Speed?

Before moving on, we need to clear the term pace and speed. Although most of us perceive them as synonyms, this is not the case. Both pace and speed provide us with similar information, but they are contrary.

Calculating the pace helps an individual estimate how much time one needs to cover a specific distance, whereas speed measures the distance one can cover in one hour.

For instance, if you are running on a track and it takes you 30 minutes to complete it, your pace is 30 (minutes per mile) while your speed is 2 miles per hour. Thus, the pace is a quantity that runners use.

We use different units for expressing both quantities. The pace is the time taken per unit of distance, while we express speed as distance covered over time.

The following two formulas help us calculate the proper value of pace and speed.

For speed:

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    Speed (km/h) = distance (km) / time (h)

    For pace:

    Pace (sec/km) = time (sec) / distance (km)

    I am solving one example here for you.

    If a runner has covered the distance of 40 km in 2 hours, let’s find out his pace and speed.

    Speed = 40km/ 2h = 20 km/h

    Pace: First convert the hours into seconds, then solve it.

    So, 7200 sec /40 km = 180 sec/km

    These are two easy equations that can help us find our required quantities. However, one may confuse himself in them, so it is better to use a pace calculator to make life easier.

    It will not only save our time but also will give us error-free values.

    How Does the Running Pace Calculator Work?

    A running pace calculator is a smart tool that will calculate your pace and speed by knowing the distance you have covered and the time you took to cover that distance.

    It will make life easier for people who exercise and work out regularly. Moreover, you can use it while jogging, cycling, skating, or any other sport in which you are covering any particular distance.

    You will need to type two known variables:

    The distance that you covered

    The time you took to cover that specific distance

    Rest all the work is on the calculator. It automatically calculates the pace and average speed (km/h) in various units. The cherry on the cake is that you will not have to convert the units to find quantities.

    If you know any two values out of three (distance, time, and pace) and enter them in the calculator, it will give you the unknown value. By using this method, you can also calculate your running time.

    The pace calculator will also compare your race time with other runners. You can either compare your pace or speed and select the units of your choice.

    However, if you only want to calculate your velocity, not pace, you can use a simplified calculator. It is called a velocity calculator that only needs the distance covered and time to calculate the speed.

    If you already know speed and want to convert it into a different unit, you can use the speed conversion calculator to convert the speed into five other units.

    What is the Average Running Speed?

    If you record your speed and pace while running, it is essential for you to know what average running speed represents. The pace calculator will enable you to compare your results with other runners and improve your pace.

    Average running speed tells how capable a person is to run in a specific time. This value depends on many factors that include age, height, the terrain of land, weight, and ethnicity.

    However, 15 miles per hour is the average human running speed.

    Your value of average running speed depicts how healthy and fit you are. You can compare your results with others by using a pace calculator.

    You can improve your health and fitness by setting goals by using some practical tools to improve your running pace.

    Final Words:

    Using a pace calculator can keep a record of your performance and will assist you in getting the correct estimate of your pace. Therefore, it will help you improve your pace as a runner and prepare you for the long marathons.

    All you need is a proper technique, method, and training to achieve your desired goals as a runner.