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What Bicycle Do You Need or What Bike to Choose?

One day every bicyclist comes to the moment when he wants to buy a new bike. Someone’s bicycle is completely broken, another just got tired of the bike, and somebody didn’t have it at all before. In any case, the most important question arises: which bicycle to choose from the variety presented in the store. First of all, you need to understand why you need a bicycle and how much you will ride it.

You may want to participate in road races, ride a bike in the park, do stunts, fly at high speed down a mountain, or just ride to the store once a week to buy bread. So, you will need to choose the appropriate type of bike. In this article, let’s look at what types of bicycles can be found in the store.

If you are a beginner, you don’t need to understand the complexity of modern bicycles. By and large, if you choose your first bike, it doesn’t really matter if it has a disc or rims brakes – much more important for you will be other characteristics, for example, the weight. Choose models that frame is made of light alloys, this is especially important for female cyclists. However, it will be more comfortable for the stronger sex too to ride on a light one.

By the way, if we talk about men’s and women’s bicycles, now they do not differ much. The female frame may be slightly lower, but the difference is not so principle. It is worth paying attention to the saddle, as many people do not like sports saddles, considering them too hard. However, it is better to try riding it for a few weeks, as the design of such a saddle helps to distribute the load correctly, on the legs, back, buttocks. In any case, if you still realize that such a saddle is not for you, it can be changed to a softer one.

How to Choose a Bicycle?

Choosing the right type of bike is very important.


The most convenient option is a city bike – it is light, comfortable, and usually has manual brakes. This bicycle is a great one for you if you plan to ride only in the city, as it is designed for smooth asphalt and equipped urban bike paths.

Mountain Bicycle

Mountain biking is probably the best solution for driving outside the city, and it does not have to be mountains, as it can be seen from the name. Many in our country ride mountain bikes around the city because it is very convenient to overcome curbs and pits.


These bikes are designed for fast driving on very smooth asphalt.  Such bicycles have a light, sturdy frame, large and thin wheels, and the wheel in the shape of “ram’s horns” to ensure the lowest possible landing and, as a result, reduce wind resistance – so, everything that is necessary to achieve a maximum speed of movement. Summing up, if you are a fan of cycling marathons and races, do not go to ride on sidewalks and parks at all, then feel free to buy a road bicycle.


This group is an intermediate link between walking, mountain, and road bikes, which allows combining the advantages of these types. The frame, which is higher than at the mountain bikes, provides a more comfortable fit for driving on the highway, large wheels help maintain high speed, and a shock-absorbing fork will allow you to travel on uneven surfaces. In addition, such bicycles are often equipped with Thule bike racks and child bike seats. Thus, this bicycle is perfect for those who like to move at high speed on the highway, but not miss the opportunity to drive along forest paths.


Special bikes for performing stunts. Characteristic features: small wheels, special stops on the sides of the wheels, and a mechanism that allows rotating the steering wheel in one direction without twisting the brake cables. So, this bicycle is worth buying if you feel interested in such a style of riding.

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    Some years ago everyone thought that such a “bicycle” could only be seen in a circus. However, now these bicycles have begun to appear on the streets, as unicycles nowadays can be bought in an ordinary sports shop.


    This type of bicycle got its name from one of the types of motorcycles. The main feature of cruisers is a comfortable vertical landing, a massive frame, a high steering wheel, and an abundance of various decorations. This bike is designed for leisurely walks and rides on the streets and the parks.

    So, in this article, we talked about the most popular types of bicycles that can be found in stores. Choose the model that suits your goals, preferences, and design. That is all for now, have a nice bike trip!


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