November 8


Reasons Why You Should Try Meal Replacement Shakes

There is no silver bullet or all-or-nothing solution to having physical fitness. The key to it is hard work through physical training like workout routines, cardio, yoga, and an all-balanced meal. This will even be harder if you consider that you have to do all of these all the time just to stay at your peak of physical fitness.

With our busy schedules, doing all of these can take so much of our time. Even eating alone can take at least 10-15 minutes each meal, which can take too much time depending on your schedule. Some people even skip out on specific meals of the day altogether just to stay on track with their schedules.

That said, if you’re one of those people who often skip out on meals because they take too much time, you must’ve heard of meal replacement shakes already. They say meal replacement shakes don’t take too much time to make but with the same nutrients as a balanced diet.

You may be wondering if that’s true; that’s why you’re here reading this article. Let’s further discuss what meal replacement shakes are all about and why you should try them.

What are Meal Replacements?

If you have a choice between skipping out a meal or taking meal replacement shakes, you’re better off taking the latter. A meal replacement shake is designed to be a replacement for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They typically have the same nutrients as a balanced meal, but they tend to have fewer calories. At least that’s how they are advertised.

However, if you are looking to manage your appetite a bit more, then look for a replacement shake that’s high in protein. Meal replacements can come in various forms like shakes, drinks, bars, and even soup. However, the most popular among them are shakes. And no, if you think that replacement shakes are the same as protein shakes, that’s where you’re wrong.

Protein shakes tend to be higher in protein, thus the name. However, they are less filling than replacement shakes. In short, replacement shakes are a substitute for meals, and protein shakes are for muscle building. Meal replacement shakes, like protein shakes, are also high in protein, which makes you feel more satisfied and does not load you with many calories.

This is why many people who are trying to lose weight are getting more and more engrossed with meal replacement shakes because they fill you up like a regular meal but with fewer calories.

So why should you take meal replacement shakes? Here are some reasons why.

They Eliminate Decision Fatigue

More often than not, the hardest part of building a balanced diet is the choices of food items you want to incorporate in it. And not only that, but you also have to regulate the portion sizes, meal planning, etc. In short, building and managing a balanced diet can be overwhelming. And, of course, when you’re overwhelmed, you tend to pick the wrong choices.

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    If you plan to take two replacement shakes in a day, that will only leave you one meal to plan and probably two or three snacks for snack time in between. And the best thing about top meal supplement drinks is that they are easy to prepare, which can save you a lot of time.

    We all know that preparing your diet can be a struggle. The word “balanced” itself can give you a lot of stress since you have to think about the nutrients you want in your diet and ensure you’re not lacking in any. Moreover, you have to consider the food items themselves.

    That said, traditional low-calorie diets often lack nutrients, which can spell bad news to people. This is the reason why experts are recommending meal replacement shakes because they have balanced nutrients.

    They Improve Quality of Life

    Experts have found that meal replacement shakes are associated with weight loss and improved physical fitness when taken regularly. Weight loss programs incorporated with meal replacement shakes tend to support weight loss and maintenance while improving the person’s physical fitness.


    Of course, as mentioned before, there is no shortcut to physical health. That said, meal replacements are not without their cons. One example of this is that meal replacements tend to have varying sugar content and calorie count.

    Also, even though meal replacements have the same nutrients as a balanced meal, nothing beats eating food. Additionally, not all meal replacements are delicious. Healthy doesn’t equal good, after all. Also, they can be costly.

    Final Words

    Meal replacements are a good substitute if you’re looking for something quick to prepare but that has the same nutrients as healthy foods. However, it’s a good idea to always ask your doctor first before taking any meal replacement shakes. There are a lot of brands out there, and consulting with your doctor can never go wrong.


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