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Lunesta: Effects, Addiction, and Treatment

What Is Lunesta?

Sleep is a daily part of our lives, but it is only through its lack that we understand its true importance. Who better to explain this dreadful suffering other than a patient with insomnia.

It is frustrating and borderline painful when your body is exhausted, yet you cannot fall asleep. Especially when someone has a busy work schedule, and they are missing a very crucial substance of a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to modern medicine, we have now prescribed drugs that can allow a patient with insomnia to have a peaceful sleep. This is the drug eszopiclone which is most commonly known as the Lunesta.

What Is Lunesta Addiction?

Lunesta works because it interferes with the GABA receptors in our brain; this will help us have a peaceful sleep.

Unfortunately, this drug is known to have addictive elements because of the euphoric feeling it provides after daily consumption. If not given in a highly controlled dose, under constant supervision, it can make someone addicted to these prescribed drugs.

People often start taking these drugs with other substances like alcohol and opioids, which can eventually worsen the whole situation.

In some extreme cases, medical help might be necessary, and the local business Gallus Detox can provide that assistance.

What Are the Signs of Lunesta Addiction?

You should watch out, for these are the tell-tale signs of Lunesta addiction.

Drugs like Lunesta have a prescription that is heavily controlled. If you are taking or witnessing someone take more than that on a regular basis, then this is a clear-cut sign of you or them embarking upon a new addiction.

Sometimes these drugs have a limited time of consumption because of their addictive nature. If you are finding yourself asking for more even when you are able to fall asleep naturally, then you might be addicted to the easy nature of the Lunesta drug.

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    If you are suffering from anxiety or depression the moment the drug is taken away from you, you are enduring some withdrawal symptoms common with any drug. Because of the euphoric nature that this drug is providing you, you constantly fear the loss of those feelings the moment you stay away for one night.

    You are constantly low and almost always frustrated when you are not consuming Lunesta. You are eagerly waiting for the time of your dose. If the excitement seems a little suspicious for yourself or someone who is taking Lunesta, then the addiction is approaching.

    Lunesta is generally something prescribed to be taken before a long sleep period. If you are finding yourself taking it just for recreation, that too in an unhealthy dose, then you might already be suffering from an addiction.

    If you have been asked by your doctor to quit, and yet you fail to find the strength within yourself, then this is a clear sign. When a medical professional restricts you from consuming a prescribed drug even after considering your condition of insomnia, the issue might be more serious than you have imagined.

    Effects Of Lunesta Addiction

    Underneath mentioned are the dangerous effects of Lunesta Addiction.

    The first effect of taking Lunesta for a long period of time is the euphoric effect that comes with its consumption. It can make people slightly high, and in the morning, when the effect wears off, the person is left feeling gloomy and dreadful.

    Our mind is the part of our body that is affected the most during Lunesta addiction. The constant endorphin releases that we are getting from Lunesta make us want it more. So, when we are restricted from having it, signs of depression are the first thing noticed.

    Additionally, the real world without drugs is unable to cope with the high of Lunesta. People start losing hope; their enthusiasm from other work keeps derailing. Suicidal thoughts are the extreme cognitive thoughts that can a person can suffer through.

    If taken in heavy doses, the uninterrupted deep sleep can go beyond the regulated time. This can be highly dangerous since it is a form of overdose which can put someone in their sleep. If the sleep continues for more than ten hours under the influence of Lunesta, then it is a sign of an overdose, and the patient should be rushed to the hospital immediately.

    Other signs include passing out abruptly, a weak and fatigued body, and in some severe cases, coma.

    Treatment of Lunesta Effects

    These are some of the treatments which have proven to be highly effective when it comes to Lunesta.

    To avoid reaching the stage of addiction, make sure that you do not take even a little more than the prescribed limit. Consume it only once a day, and avoid taking it before each sleep.

    Make sure that a restricted amount of consumption is being prescribed to you. For example, a week or a month and keep the prescription in the hands of someone trustworthy to reduce the source of these medicines.

    Do not take this medicine at least for an hour after having a heavy meal. This will make sure that the medicine is not absorbed completely and reduce the need to have it more.

    Do not take other substances like alcohol when you are taking a dose of Lunesta. This can worsen the effect and make you more addicted to the drug. 

    Avoid taking Lunesta before a long trip; in the worst cases, this causes amnesia. This is something because your sleep will be interrupted under the influence of the medicine. It is necessary to get at least an 8-hour sleep with this medication.

    Final Note

    Lunesta addiction can be mitigated with the help of simple lifestyle choices. The cases aren’t as severe as other synthetic drugs. But, since mental health is being affected, detox centers for rehabilitation in extreme cases should be considered.
    They will try to understand the deeper problem behind the addiction and help the patient cure their insomnia. All in all, complete 360-degree healing can be achieved.


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