April 8


How To Get Bigger Biceps Fast at Home Without Weights

If you are a man, I bet, you really want to show off your muscles. Especially, when it’s about biceps, who doesn’t like to flaunt them. But what if your biceps are not bigger and bulkier enough to show off? Come on, I know it’s sad!

It’s true, almost every man wants to have muscular biceps but feels so lazy lifting weights. Everyone likes easy peasy quick ways. 

This post will guide you on how to get bigger biceps at home and I promise you, it will work for every single person. You just have to follow the guidelines consistently.

 Let’s dig out the treasure.

Basic Anatomy of Biceps

Before working on something, you should know its base, and structure. This point goes the same for Biceps. If you want to grow your biceps, first learn its basics. Don’t try to jump on the tricks and techniques.

 You may or may not know, Biceps muscles are also known as Biceps Brachii. Don’t get confused if you hear this name anywhere. 

So, the biceps is the most superficial muscle in the anterior compartment of our arm. It extends from the scapula to the proximal forearm inferiorly. It sits above the two other muscles (the coracobrachialis and brachialis) within the anterior compartment of the arm. 

These two-headed muscles are responsible for bending your forearms. Furthermore, the triceps are present in the back upper arm. The point of telling you this, is you have to work out in a manner that both sides visibly create a good and bigger shape.

Don’t Like Dumbbells? Use The Following Instead

If you think you can only get good muscles by using gym accessories, you are wrong. You can literally do it with any bulkier things available at home. Seriously, I have tried this and noticed a big difference in a month.

Water Gallons

Gallons of water can also be used in place of gym weights at home. At the very least, five-gallon water containers would be enough. As they are heavier they take some strength to rise, they are good alternatives for dumbbells.

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    If five liters is too much for you, you can adjust the amount based on your capability.

    Paint Containers

    Paint containers are also another option for home bicep workouts. You may acquire empty containers with handles and load them with sand, or whatever else to significantly increase their heaviness.


    Books come in various sizes, some are small and some are heavier. You can customize your weight. Dictionaries, geography, and medical books are somewhat heavy, so you can use them for lifting.

    The Range Of Lifting

    The range of lifting is actually the times of lifting, like how many times you pull that weight. 

    On average, most people do 8 to 12 repetitions. It’s not too heavy, and not too light, just an ideal lifting range.  However, if you are a beginner you can also lower that range, like, 6 -12.

    You have to keep in mind, that your biceps won’t grow stronger if they don’t feel burdened. If you are not tired after lifting, it means you are not done yet. You should do more. The accurate lifting is when you slowly and gradually feel the burden, not directly. 

    Once you feel you can lift more, congrats, that’s the point where your biceps started to get stronger and bulkier.

    Try Bicep Curls

    I think Bicep curls are the most basic yet easiest exercise you can do for your biceps at home. All you need is a jug or a milk bottle and follow the below points:

    • Stand straight with water-filled jugs or milk bottles in each hand. Make sure your feet are width apart.
    • Keep your elbows close to your sides
    • Without swinging your hips, curl the bottles over your shoulders.
    • Raise the bottles until they are parallel with your shoulders.  Your forearm must be vertical at all moments.
    • Squeeze your bicep and hole for a while
    • Lastly, bring back the water bottle to the first position

    Lift one bottle at a time with 8 – 12 reps. It is for each arm, so it would be a total of 16 -24 reps. After one or two weeks, you can lift both bottles at the same time.

    Honestly, I used to do it three times a week and had some insane bicep growth, then I reduced it to twice a week.

    Biceps Curls With Towels

    Everyone has a towel at home, why not use it? Towel biceps curls are another simplest exercise you can do at home for buff arms. In this exercise, you’ll need a backpack too filled with books or anything around for bulkier weight.

    Pass the towel through the top handle of your backpack, grab it on either side and carefully curl the bag up. While you lift it up, make sure your palms are toward your shoulder at the top.

    Bodyweight Exercises for Biceps

    If you don’t have access to any heavier things around, you can still build up your biceps by using your brown body weight.

    Fortunately, your body weight is enough to add resistance to your body and hypertrophy. All you need to do is focus on the range of motion, contraction, and the quality of each rep. 

    Let’s check some of the effective bicep workouts at home.

    Chin Ups

    A better technique to train the biceps is to use an underhand grip, which is a top pick for your forearm growth. Perform 3 to 4 sets of six to eight repetitions, each slowly and correctly.

    Body Curls

    In this, you have to curl your body with the help of the table. When you are under the table, hands up with a full range of motion and curl up to the forehead. You can start with 6 reps and can go up to 10 reps day by day.

    Note that a higher angle is the easier angle in this exercise.

    Reverse Chin Ups

    You can do this exercise on the balcony or with the help of a window. Actually, you need a half wall in reverse chin-ups. 

    So, have a tight reverse grip, go all the way down, and curl right back up. If you are a fitness freak, you can easily go for 10 reps. 

    Use Resistance Bands Instead Of Weights

    Resistance bands bicep workouts are more effective than any other bicep muscle training.

    While resistance bands are beneficial to all core muscles, utilizing them to enhance the size and strength of your biceps may deliver an enhanced shape to your muscles.

    The best part about resistance bands, is they come in a variety of tension so you can choose easily as per your stamina. Unlike weights, they squeeze your biceps and triceps to an intense level. 

    When I was on the journey of growing my biceps, I used a set of resistance bands with different tensions. I would suggest you also buy a set at once, it has tension from beginner to expert level. 

    There are many exercises you can do with resistance bands. One of the easiest is to wrap them around your foot and grasp the handle in your hands. Start stretching the bands and do your required reps. 

    Pose And Press Your Biceps

    Posing and pressing your biceps can strengthen the tissues. One you can do is the flex pose and the other is the “NAMASTE” (Indian greeting) pose. In both poses don’t leave your body loose. Instead, be tight and intense as much as you can. Do both poses for 10 minutes daily.

    Eat Right to Grow Your Biceps

    Exercise or any workout won’t solely help you grow hulk if you don’t consume the right food in the right amount.

     You should feed your muscles with amino acids to recover quickly. They need it for recovery and growth. Amino acids come from protein, so consume enough protein-rich foods such as eggs, chicken, meat, milk, and beans. 

    If you don’t have time for preparing your meals, you can consume whey protein. However, if you don’t like its taste alone, you can add one or two scoops to smoothies and milkshakes.

    Moreover, don’t forget water. As you sweat a lot during workouts, you need to keep yourself hydrated all day. 

    Enjoy DOMS

    Doms stands for delayed onset muscle soreness. As per me, this is an honorable pain for fitness freaks. It mostly occurs after some hours of exercise. It is good pain, it shows that your muscles are building.

    However, if you feel intense pain so quickly during or after the workout, don’t continue, take a rest.

    How Frequently to Work Biceps?

    Two times a week is sufficient to work my biceps. I would suggest doing a bicep workout on alternative days because it is necessary to recover from the previous workout in order to start next.


    In a nutshell, if you need bigger biceps, you need an adequate amount of workouts, rest, and food. One thing alone won’t give you effective and quick outcomes. So, be consistent and enjoyable.