October 18


Top Value Options For Home Gyms With A Leg Press Station

People make one big mistake when putting together a home gym: they forget to add a leg press machine. Without a leg machine, there’s no way to build strong leg muscles and get a complete body workout. Thankfully, a home gym with leg presses solves this problem. 

But, getting a cheap leg press machine separately won’t cut it. You need the best home gyms with integrated leg press machines to get a complete body workout. Below are our top picks! 

Best Home Gym With Leg Press Machine – Our Top 7 Picks

1. Body-Solid EXM3000LPS

Body-Solid EXM3000LPS
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The Body-Solid EXM3000LPS is comparatively small but a force to be reckoned with. It’s a heavy-duty home gym capable of providing all types of workouts without eating up space. It boasts a double 250-pound weight stack, making it suitable for up to 3 users to exercise simultaneously. 

Moreover, this body-solid home gym with leg presses features seven workout stations. Therefore, it’s suitable for all-around full-body workouts. It’s also comfy and easy to maintain, thanks to double padded seats, dual stitching, double brackets, and vinyl covers. 

Overall, if you want an all-in-one solution for all-around workouts in your home and can afford to pay the price, the Body-Solid EXM3000LPS is our top recommendation.


  • 91x73x83 inches dimensions
  • 947 pounds weight
  • 7 Workout stations


  • Up to 3 users can workout simultaneously
  • Takes less space and doesn’t require heavy maintenance
  • Dual 210-pound alloy steel weight stack
  • Lifetime frame and welds warranty


  • Expensive

2. Body-Solid P2X Home Gym

Body-Solid P2X Home Gym

The P2X is an affordable model in Body Solid’s stash of expensive home-gym machines. It’s smaller, it’s compact, and lighter as well when compared with the big guns. That makes this home gym suitable for smaller living spaces like an apartment. But a smaller size doesn’t mean Body-solid is skimping on features. 

It stands out with six workout stations that can target all the major muscle groups in your body. Yes, even the leg station offers extensive lower body workout – a feature that’s hard to find in similarly priced home gyms. You can get a 2:1 ratio for improved resistance, reaching up to 320lbs if you get the 50lbs upgrade. 

So, if you don’t want to build a Schwarzenegger physique and have a smaller living space, you don’t need to splurge on an expensive home gym. The P2X should be your top pick. 


  • 83 x 71 x 66 inches dimensions
  • 491lbs weight
  • 160lbs weight stack
  • 6 workout stations


  • Excellent leg press that offers a 2:1 ratio for resistance improvement
  • A durable frame and sturdy construction
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to re-located
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Frame: 10 years warranty, Parts: 1-year warranty


  • Not suitable for multiple users at a time

3. Bodycraft GLX Home Gym

Bodycraft GLX Home Gym

Bodycraft is known for its reasonably priced quality products, and the GLX home gym is no different. It’s a middle-of-the-spectrum machine in terms of weight and dimensions. Moreover, it boasts a sturdy steel frame with a paint finish to prevent rust, scratches or chipping. 

As for the seat and backers, they’re fully adjustable and comfortable to use. There are six different workstations to give your body a complete workout.

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    On top of that, you get a 150-pound customizable weight stack. From the press station to pullet stations, there’s everything you may need to target your different muscle groups.

    While this Bodycraft home gym with leg press isn’t the cheapest option on this list, it does have an excellent quality-to-price ratio. Therefore, this is your best option if you want the most bang for your buck. 


    • 54.5 x 55 x 83 inches dimensions
    • 580 pounds weight
    • 150 pounds weight stack
    • 6 workout stations


    • A professional and modern design
    • Heavy-duty frame and construction
    • Low maintenance machine
    • Offers the most value for the price
    • Residential lifetime warranty


    • Customer support can be finicky

    4. Bodycraft GL Home Gym

    Bodycraft GL Home Gym
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    While the above are excellent home gyms with less press, the Bodycraft GL Home is even more affordable. Even then, it’s built to last and designed for utmost comfort. The seat and backrest and easily adjustable. You can even tilt the back pad for full support while performing shoulder and incline presses

    This machine is made with gauge steel tubing, giving it a sturdy construction. Most of the steel parts come coated with paint finishing to make them resistant to rust, moisture, and any wear & tear during shipping.

    Oh, and it provides six workout stations along with a 150lb weight stack, making it suitable to meet the requirements of any home-gym enthusiast. 

    You can even upgrade its 150lbs pound stack up to 200lbs. That’s more than enough for any home gym setup. Don’t you think?


    • 64.5 x 77 x 82.5 inches dimensions
    • 386lbs dimensions
    • 150lbs weight stack
    • Six workout stations


    • Cheapest home gym with less press setup on this list
    • A small footprint can fit limited space
    • Sturdy construction
    • Adjustable and comfortable to use
    • Lifetime Residential Warranty


    • None

    5. Body-Solid G9S Home Gym

    Body-Solid G9S Home Gym

    The G9S is designed to last. From a heavy-duty 12 gauge steel frame to powder-coated finishing and durable construction, you can tell this home gym will be your partner for a long time and style. The seats sport DuraFirm pads, minimizing lower back strain and maximizing your comfort. 

    Furthermore, the G(S home gym workhorse provides seven different workstations. So you can target your abs, biceps, chest, back, triceps, shoulder, and of course, legs.

    Like the EXM3000 model, the G9S features dual-weight stacks. Each comes with a resistance of 200lbs. The leg press station also has a remarkable capacity of 420lbs. 

    All in all, the G9S is one of the most durable options out there. If there are multiple gym rats in your house, you can easily upgrade it by adding the Dip Station, making it suitable for 3 people working out simultaneously.


    • 90 x 73 x 84 inches Dimensions
    • 964lbs weight
    • 420lbs weight stack
    • 7 workout stations


    • Up to 3 people can use it simultaneously
    • Durable and built to last
    • Comfortable to use
    • Minimalistic space-saving design
    • Lifetime warranty on all components


    • Heavy

    6. Bodycraft Galena ProHome Gym


    The Bodycraft Galena ProHome Gym is made for home gyms. It’s both versatile as well as space efficient. Because of its unique design, you can easily fit it in the corner of your room to save space.

    The weight plates are metallic alloy, which is more durable than vinyl plates you often find in other home gym equipment

    Additionally, the machine features six workout stations and a 200lbs weight stack. Adding the leg press attachment increases it to 300lbs, but it can also cost you a pretty penny. You can perform over 50 exercises on it without even adding the leg machine. Thanks to the well-laid instruction manual, it’s fairly easy to install. 

    Whether you prefer a split routine or a full-body workout, the Bodycraft Galena ProHome won’t disappoint even the busiest gym rat. 


    • 72 x 92 x 81.75 inches Dimensions
    • 483lbs weight
    • 200lbs weight stack (expandable to 300lbs)
    • 6 workout stations


    • Very versatile workout home gym
    • Lets you perform over 50 exercises
    • Unique corner fitting design
    • Solid lifetime warranty on parts


    • Expensive

     7. Body-Solid Fusion F500-FLP Home Gym

    Body-Solid Fusion F500-FLP Home Gym

    The Fusion F500-FLP from Body-Solid is built like a tank. It weighs 755lbs and measures 79 x 80 x 83 inches in dimensions. Thanks to these metrics and solid high-gauge steel tubing, this home gym can support even the heaviest users without breaking a sweat. 

    It’s also designed to last. The backrest and the seat pack premium upholstery and offer max support, resistant to everyday wear and tear. The powder-coated frame also boosts its lifetime. As many as five workstations allow 60+ exercises with a 310lbs weight stack. Hence Fusion is another very versatile option. 

    Body-Solid is offering a lifetime warranty on ALL of its parts and accessories, which shows how much they trust this product. Get it if the budget is not your constraint. 


    • 79 x 80 x 83 inches Dimensions
    • 755lbs weight
    • 310lbs weight stack
    • 5 workout stations


    • Thick padding makes it comfortable
    • Doesn’t require too much maintenance
    • Excellent components and accessories
    • A sturdy heavy, duty frame offers excellent durability and stability
    • Lifetime warranty on parts


    • Only one person can use it at a time

    Why You Should Only Purchase A Home Gym With Leg Press

    Well, there are several reasons why you should prefer getting a home gym with an integrated leg press. But, for your ease, we have narrowed them down to just five.


    The biggest benefit is convenience. Most leg press stations in the market require free plates for proper exercise. This can be time-consuming as well as a big hassle. Therefore, for this list, we chose the best home gyms with fewer press stations that do not need free weight. 


    A low price is another reason why you should prefer getting a home gym with a leg press. Believe it or not, it’s much cheaper than getting a separate leg press station and then integrating it with your home gym. Even a small leg press machine for a home will escalate the cost of your home multi-gym. 

    Complete Workout

    A multi-gym with a leg press offers a complete body workout. It’s a single multi-functional workout machine that allows you to train your every body part. You can jump from one muscle to another without any breaks, saving you time as well as effort.


    Having separate machines for different exercises can be very space-consuming. Especially if you are living in an apartment, space can be a big constraint to upgrading your home gym.

    Thankfully, leg press stations use other parts of the home gym. They’re designed to fit in tight spaces next to each other, making them more space efficient. 

    Safety & Ease Of Use

    Multi gyms are much safer and easy to use than standard fitness equipment. That’s why we barely hear about an injury due to multi-gym. In contrast, barbell injuries, for instance, are pretty common. With a multi-gym, you can get into position easily and decrease any chances of a mishap. 


    Is a leg press worth it for a home gym?

    Absolutely yes, a leg press is an excellent exercise to train leg muscles. Without it, you cannot have a full body workout or get the benefits of improved strength. 

    What exercise can replace the leg press?

    Broad jumps, bridge exercises, lunges, squats, and resistance band leg presses can replace a regular machine leg press. 

    Can you build legs with just leg presses?

    Well, not really. Simply adding a leg press routine into your workout will not build your legs. You need other exercises like lunges, leg presses, squats, etc., to get lower body muscle mass. 

    How do you simulate a leg press at home?

    Place your front foot on the step, hold dumbbells on the sides and engage your core. Push up through the front foot and step up onto the box.

    Once both feet are on the box, lower your back leg slowly without losing control of the front leg. Repeat.