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Total Gym Workout Routine

While they often say looks aren’t everything, it is important that we take note of how an unhealthy body can affect longevity and quality of life. According to one report, the majority of people in the United States are dissatisfied with how their body looks at the moment.

The way we look on the outside can represent what’s going on inside our bodies. A large belly relates to abdominal obesity, which can have serious adverse effects on health.

With these risks in mind, many people are turning to home fitness techniques to help them slim down and get the body they have been dreaming of. A gym membership can be useful, but it requires time and a monthly subscription.

With a total gym workout, people are given the ability to exercise in the comfort of their own homes. We take a closer look at a highly efficient workout routine that can be used with these pieces of equipment.

Beginner Friendly Workout Routine

Many people looking at total gym workout routines are currently at a beginner’s stage. With this in mind, it is important that we take a look at how a beginner workout can be developed.

There are also a couple of factors that need to be considered to ensure you can achieve a full-body workout—even when you are at a starting stage.

The first thing to take into consideration here is the fact that a beginner workout needs to start out gradually. When a beginner pushes their body with total gym exercises past their own limits, then they are more likely to suffer an injury.

In some cases, this may result in sprains and muscle strains. Significantly pushing the body during a total gym workout can result in an even more severe injury.

When you’re just getting started, it is important to divide your exercises into multiple days. A good starting point would be to work out four days each week.

Each of those days must focus on a different muscle group. For example, on day one, you will perform total gym back exercises. The next day may consist of total gym core exercises.

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    Here is a good example of an exercise program that divides the focus on specific muscle groups into four days each week:

    • Day 1: You’ll be focusing on pull-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, and leg curls.
    • Day 2: Perform shoulder presses, seated chest presses, and arm pullovers. In addition to these, do a few oblique twisters, while focusing on targeting muscles in both sides of your body.
    • Day 3: Start with a chest fly, followed by lying triceps extensions, upright rows, and seated bicep curls.
    • Day 4: The final training day of the week focuses on jumping squats, standing lunges, chest fly, and calf raises.

    As you continue to gain strength with the right fitness equipment at home, you should gradually start to increase the intensity of your exercises.

    If you’re not sure which equipment will work for you, a good idea is to look at the Total Gym XLS review. The Total Gym XLS is a personal trainer that features a multipurpose design in a compact structure.

    Home workouts can be highly effective. In one study, people were asked to perform exercises for four weeks. Several improvements in lean mass and muscle function were noted just after four weeks.

    Arm And Shoulder Exercises

    Let’s start with a few exercises that focus on your arms and shoulders. It is important to note that many exercises tend to focus on strength and tone in your shoulders, as well as your arms. These muscle groups become essential factors when it comes to pushing your body up, or pulling it up when hanging on a pull-up bar.

    There are quite a few exercises that you can perform with an equipment piece like the Total Gym XLS. In this section, we take a look at a few workouts that you can do to target your shoulders and your arms with this home gym.

    Shoulder Extensions

    Shoulder extensions are a multipurpose and versatile workout. Start in a standing position and grab the resistance bands. There are a few variations of shoulder extensions. You will use the resistance bands to pull backward.

    Hold your hands up straight, and pull downward. You can also turn around and do this with the machine behind you, as this will help to work on some of your upper back muscles too.

    Upright Row

    The classic upright row is an excellent exercise to target both the upper back, as well as the shoulders. This type of pull exercise allows you to pull the weight toward your own body.

    Make sure you engage your core while pulling the weight on the machine, as this helps maximize the efficiency of the workout.

    Seated Biceps Curl

    For a seated biceps curl, you need to ensure you adjust the equipment to provide sufficient back support. Your back should be up straight when you sit down.

    Keep dumbbells or resistance bands in your hands, and pull them upward while only moving your forearms.

    Ab Workouts

    Next up is your abs—another critical part of the human body. Whether you wish to achieve a chiseled six-pack or just want to slim down, the core muscles provide support for surrounding structures in your body.

    Cable Sit-Ups

    This is a great variation of the classic sit-up. Instead of only doing a standard sit-up, the workout actually adds more resistance to this type of workout.

    Start in a seated position with the cable on the machine in your hands. Your hands go above your head, and then you do a sit-up while holding on to the rope.

    Oblique Twists

    Oblique twists are great for working muscle groups that sit in the sides of your abdomen—muscles that many people overlook when they set up a workout program.

    You’ll need to lie down on the floor or on the equipment to perform these twists. Make sure you target both the left and the right sides with an equal number of reps.

    Back Exercises

    Up to 70% of all people will experience non-specific lower back pain at some point in their lives. In some countries, as much as 45% of the population has chronic back pain.

    Certain exercises can actually help to improve these symptoms, while also strengthening muscle groups that are located in your back.

    Some of the most effective back exercises to do with the total gym workout system include:

    • Pull-Ups
    • Iron Cross
    • Front Pullover

    Working on Other Muscle Groups

    Apart from the muscles, we have already mentioned, there are a few other muscle groups that you should focus on too. Be sure to implement appropriate exercises that help you improve the strength and conditioning of your chest. Your chest muscles will become useful when looking at improving support, while also making workouts like push-ups and pull-ups easier in the future.

    Additionally, a variety of exercises on the machine can help you target your lower body. This includes the hamstrings, glutes, thighs, quadriceps, and more.

    Developing Your Own Workout Schedule

    Now that we have taken a look at a great workout that focuses on your entire body, we should consider how you can develop a workout chart and schedule.

    When developing a workout chart, it is important to take a few things into consideration.

    First, a balance should be a critical part of your program. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscles, you need to ensure you focus on balancing muscle strength during your workout routines.

    When focusing on core muscles on day one, do not only target the upper abs. The next day, you should do a program that includes a chest press and shoulder press. This is, of course, only an example of how you can achieve a better balance with your home gym.

    One thing that many people overlook is their lower body. With strength training, you need to understand that your lower body provides support for the upper regions of your body. This means you should focus on working for these muscle groups as well.

    Perfecting the Timing of Your Workouts

    Timing is important while working out a schedule for your workout routine. You need to start by looking at your existing schedule, as this will show you what time slots you have open.

    To achieve results, you should aim to set your workout sessions at the same time every day. If you decide to work out every day at 6 PM, then make this a habit. Delaying your workout session can make you lose interest, and this results in skipped sessions.

    Ideally, you should aim to perform your strength training routine at around 3 PM if possible. Some experts believe that this is the time when the body reaches its peak.


    High body weight can result in serious problems with health. When it comes to reducing it, exercise needs to play a big role in your program.

    Total gym workouts can be used to perform exercises at home that targets all major muscle groups. Following the tips and program outline suggested above, along with some cardio workouts, can greatly reduce your body weight while also increasing lean mass.



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