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How to Find the Right Bournemouth Personal Trainer

While being fit and healthy is an inevitable item on the agenda for all Bournemouth residents, going to the gym regularly may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Most people do not like spending hours sweating it out in the gym. They view working out as a task, as opposed to an essential part of staying fit.

For such individuals, a personal trainer in Bournemouth could be the answer. These professional trainers are equipped with incredible knowledge of the human body and the type of exercises that can target all problem areas effectively. 

Many of them are qualified even to offer nutritional guidance, should the occasion arise.

But how do you find a trainer that is best for you? Consider the below crucial factors, and you will be on the right track.

Qualifications and Experience

It isn’t wise to hire just anyone who claims to be a trainer without properly doing a background check on them. Typically, a certified Bournemouth trainer needs a level three qualification enabling them to take on NHS referrals under the exercise referral scheme.

They must also have a certified first-aid qualification. So, ensure to check these before you zero in on a trainer you like.

Also, it will help if you look at the amount of experience a trainer has before hiring them. Someone with over a decade or two of experience is any day, a better option than someone relatively inexperienced or new to the business.

A Solid Work Portfolio

Studies have shown that physical activity is imperative for one’s good health. Reportedly, aerobics and resistance training has been associated with a decrease in the risk of type 2 Diabetes.

You should try to look for a trainer who understands this importance, especially if you are already suffering from some ailment or injury.

To know if a trainer has experience in this field, ask them for a look at their work portfolio. A legitimate trainer will readily show you the amount and type of work they have done in the past.

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    You will be able to study their client reviews, progress reports, and other essential information related to customized training. All these will show you how reliable a trainer is and if you should hire them.

    Cost and Availability

    Just like personality, experience, and training techniques can vary from one trainer to another, so does their hourly rate, depending on the level of expertise, location, and certifications. However, a single training session can cost anywhere from £30 to £65 in Bournemouth.

    And the length of this session can be approximately forty-five minutes to an hour long.

    It is advisable to look for a personal trainer in Bournemouth who offers a free consultation at first. That’s because legitimate trainers will want you to check if you are comfortable with them.

    Then, they will provide you with their final price, and you can decide if you wish to go ahead with the training.

    Also, many trainers in Bournemouth will offer consolidated packages of twelve or more sessions at a clubbed rate rather than charge per session. It is up to you to decide how you wish to proceed.

    Discuss Your Fitness Goals at Length

    Before you actually hire a trainer, a highly critical thing is to have a long, detailed chat with them. Talk to them about your fitness goals, health issues, and what you ultimately want to achieve.

    This will enable you and the trainer both to establish whether there is compatibility between you. The idea is to check the level of understanding and patience a trainer has.


    Moreover, ask if the trainer is flexible enough to meet your needs and come to you instead of you going to them.

    For instance, an excellent Bournemouth trainer will often provide mobile training by meeting their clients wherever they are comfortable.

    This can be the client’s backyard, a public garden, or any of the gorgeous Bournemouth beaches.


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