January 25


CBD Dog Treats for Your Nervous Puppy

We all know, love, and have great memories of an eventful fireworks evening during our years growing up but now as an adult with a family, children, and a dog we need to be more considerate.

Children can be calmed and explained about loud noises and why we celebrate using these colorful explosions in the air, but dogs have no way to communicate how they’re feeling other than hiding or even worse, whimpering. This can break your heart, and no matter how many squeaky toys or treats you put in your hand they won’t come out from under the bed.

A pet is a great addition to any family but taking on the responsibility also means taking into consideration how they will react, be affected by, or interpret various situations. And even more so Bonfire night when stress and feelings of anxiety are at their highest.

Fireworks Treats

We may not understand fully the reason as to why these fireworks can cause so much anxiousness other than the noise itself (read a quick article on it here https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/health-and-dog-care/health/health-and-care/a-z-of-health-and-care-issues/fireworks/ ) but knowing that it does mean we must make our dogs feel safe and as comfortable as possible.

There are schools of training for dogs such as gun training to get them used to the sounds of loud bangs and explosives and could be considered as an option for your four-legged friend, but if this is not something for you then other methods beginning with a change in diet may be better suited.

Natural ingredients and organic alternatives in the diet have shown to have a significant impact on both physical and mental improvements and one such humble plant compound, from the Hemp plant and an offspring of the marijuana family tree, known as cbd is doing just that.

This is the quickest and easiest way to implement a healthier alternative of medicines and without the need for chemicals, you can have peace of mind that your dog will be getting a helping hand both internally and externally.

Cannabidiol comes in a variety of products with the most popular being oil and it is also the easiest to add to and infuse with any food products and into recipes. For beginner cbd users the oil version is the simplest to administer as well, simply soak some into paw-print-shaped cookies and your puppy will be wagging his tail at 100 miles an hour.

It can be mixed into the dough recipe and then baked, or a few drops on top just before serving, alternatively stirring it into their cooked dinner is another method to ensure it is digested quickly and completely. If you fancy the idea of having a snack bag on hand while at the park or a stroll on the beach then Pet Hemp Company’s anxiety cbd dog treats could be just the answer you have been looking for.

A product that comes prepackaged and takes the work out of having to measure food snacks and treats each time you head out of the door is a blessing and will make life that much easier, and we all know we could use a break in our busy schedules from time to time.

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    Preventative Measures

    If you have been using cbd in your dog’s meal plan for some time leading up to fireworks night and have noticed an improvement in his mood and no doubt increased zest for life, there are still other things you can do come the night of the event.
    Helping your four-legged friend get through fireworks night and even fireworks season as many cultures let fireworks off for birthdays, births, and graduations, may not always be easy but it is certainly not impossible. Take a look at some tips on what to do to comfort your pet during this time.


    This is a no. Do not think about letting your dog out during the fireworks as much as you feel he has improved, any trigger can cause them to lose control and run a mile. They could get hurt from being frantic and not thinking clearly other than finding a safe place to bury their head, and who knows where you may end up finding them if you do.

    Safe Place

    If your pup is hunting for a place to be in the dark and as far away from the noise as possible then give them one, at least you know they are safe within the house. See some tips in this link to see how to go about it.

    Noise Distraction

    Keeping the music turned up a little louder than usual or the TV on throughout the evening can help somewhat to reduce the severity of the bangs.


    While the kids may want to see the bright colors, shapes, and designs from the rockets these too can be distressing for your pet. Draw the curtains and blinds and turn the lights low but not off to essentially masque the flashes.

    The last thing you can do is to ensure you have your dog’s microchip up to date, this way if they did escape in a panic you can bring them home as soon as possible and show them they are safe and loved. Combine this cuddle with a cbd-infused treat and they will soon be calmer and more relaxed knowing they are in their house and personal space. All we want, as humans too, is to feel protected and supported, so be sure to show your dog he is just a part of the family as anyone.


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