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Crunches are one of the most popular exercises that are recommended in every private personal training workout. It can help you strengthen and shape your abdominal muscles, which leads to a stronger core. As a result, your whole posture improves, and you lower your chances of back injuries. However, while crunches can be an excellent exercise, doing them wrong can lead to severe injuries that will stay with you during your whole life.

Fortunately for you, we prepare a guide on how to do crunches properly and avoid injuries. Below, you can find 10 tips, including progressing slowly, increasing intensity, doing warm-ups, and many more. Read on and make sure your routine is safe and sound!

1. Progress Slowly

While you may think that faster is better for achieving a good result, this is not true. The next time you do crunches, remember to progress slowly, especially if you are a beginner. If you move too fast, you will be less effective during your training because your muscles are not ready for such intensity! Doing crunches slower will help your body adjust to the exercise and the movements.

2. Use Proper Technique

Proper technique is one of the most essential parts of doing crunches right. When doing crunches, it is possible to injure yourself severely if you don’t have the right technique. For example, some individuals tend to place their hands behind their heads and have their feet flat on the floor. However, this doesn’t lead to a good outcome and can cause back injuries. Make sure all the movements are done correctly, and your whole body is engaged in the exercise.

3. Increase Intensity

Intensity is another thing that you should take into account when doing your crunches right. Again, if you increase intensity too fast, then you may injure yourself. It is best to start slow and continue doing the same number of repetitions until you feel that your muscles are becoming stronger and more resistant. As a result, you will be able to handle higher intensity without hurting yourself.

4. Stop Crunches If You Feel Pain In Your Back

One of the main reasons people often injure themselves when doing crunches is that they ignore how they feel while exercising. Often, people do crunches without any breaks until they feel pain in their lower back, which means that they have gone beyond their capacity limits. To avoid this situation, make sure to stop the exercise when you feel pain in your back or abdominal muscles.

5. Rest In Between Sets Of Crunches

Resting in between sets of crunches is also very important if you want to do the right and avoid injuries. Make sure to take at least a 1-minute break in between each set, so your body can recover and prepare for the next repetition of the exercise. Otherwise, you may get tired too fast and risk injuring yourself during the exercise.

6. Avoid Overstretching Your Abdominal Area

Another common mistake that many people make when doing crunches is overstretching their abdominal area. This usually happens when people use an excessive range of motion that leads to strain in the lower back muscles and abdominal area. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the range of motion of your abdominal exercises.

7. Listen To Your Body And Stop If It Tells You To Do So!

In general, when doing any kind of exercise, it is important to listen to your body. If something is not giving you a good feeling, then it means that you shouldn’t continue doing it! Ensure that you feel comfortable while doing crunches and never push yourself too hard if something doesn’t feel right. Remember that proper technique is very important for avoiding injuries and achieving great results!

8. Warm-Up Before Your Workout

Warming up before doing crunches is essential if you want to do the right and avoid injuries. As you know, your muscles are cold when you first start doing exercises, leading to strains. Therefore, make sure to warm up for at least 5 minutes before doing crunches to avoid injuries.

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    9. Don’t Perform Crunches In A Fast Sequence

    Performing crunches in a fast sequence is another common mistake that many people often make when doing crunches right. This means that you should slow down to avoid injuring yourself. When you perform them properly and slowly you’ll getter a better outcome! Indeed if you do the exercises too fast, you will not be able to engage your muscles properly and achieve a good result.

    10. Don’t Hold Your Breath While Doing Crunches

    Another thing that should be taken into account is holding your breath while doing crunches. People often hold their breath while doing abdominal exercises, but this can lead to serious injuries. As a result, make sure not to hold your breath during your training to avoid injuries and achieve great results! Hopefully, the tips above will help you do crunches correctly and avoid injuries. Remember that proper technique is very important for achieving the best results and avoiding injuries!


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