June 13


5 Tips For Building A Container Home

If you haven’t seen the next massive trend in home building, you’re missing out on a chic home opportunity. Shipping container home designs have experienced impressive growth over the last five years.

They’re a cheaper, durable, and more eco-friendly option than your traditional build option. They also allow for a modern modular look, which is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

If you’re considering building a container home or office, here are five tips to get the most out of your building:

1. Inspect The Containers

Pay close attention to the containers you want to buy and try to ensure that they’re bought from the same manufacturer. That way you can be sure that the size and materials used are consistent.

If possible, buy containers that have only been used once before – they cost more, but they’re well worth it. They will be in better shape than the containers that have been used multiple times before.

2. Spend A Bit More

When choosing the perfect containers for your build, find ones that are higher than the average ones – the extra height will come in handy because you’ll end up with higher ceilings, and you’ll be less limited when it comes to flooring options.

Although the extra height only works out to an extra foot of space – it will make all the difference in the world when you’re living in your new cost-effective container home.

3. Go Green

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    Half the point of building a container home is because it is one of the most eco-friendly building options. Don’t let your eco-worrier nature get stunted there. Push one step further by choosing off-the-grid energy solutions.

    Find perfect solar system kits online for your new modular home and reduce your carbon footprint even more.

    4. Install Proper Insulation

    One of the biggest challenges when insulating a container home is that the walls are inherently shallow. That lack of thickness poses a problem for installing the proper insulation.

    To get the proper insulation in a shipping container, the walls need to be built to allow for it. You will likely lose a few inches inside your home, but it will be well worth it during the colder months.

    5. Simple Planning Wins

    Understanding structural integrity and the design of containers can help you plan the perfect layout for your new home. Knowing the details of how physics works are vital.

    While the overall complexity of building a container home is entirely up to you, it is recommended that you keep your design sweet and simple. Container homes offer a broad range of building possibilities, but if this is your first build – keep the design basic and minimalist.

    To End

    Container homes are beautiful and simple and should be celebrated for their minimalistic appeal. The modular nature of these homes means that you can add rooms later or move rooms around as and when you want to change the look. Good luck with your build, and try not to overthink it – it will all come together