April 15


Top 5 Simple Brain Gym Exercises For Students

Brain Gym Exercises are simple activities that can help you improve your cognitive ability, and memory, enhance learning and, of course, maintain a healthy lifestyle. BrainGym was created in the 1980s in order to help children focus, but today it’s used with adults and the elderly, too.

We understand how busy students can be, so incorporating these exercises into your daily routine will not take up a lot of your time. They may also help with battling depression or anxiety, as they help with making you feel relaxed and weightless, which can be particularly beneficial when you’re juggling a busy academic schedule and considering using  ib extended essay writing service for help with studies

5 Simple Brain Gym Exercises

As these exercises are not intense or too difficult to perform, you will have no issue with doing them as often as possible.

It is recommended to do these exercises in the morning, however, you do not need a strict schedule and can do them during your work or study break, before starting your studying session, or whenever you have some free time. Here, we have selected 5 Simple Exercises to help you achieve better focus and cognitive performance:

1. Ankle Touch,

2. Lazy Eights,

3. Cross Crawl,

4. Neck Circles; and

5. Thinking Cap.

Ankle Touch

This exercise helps with coordination and balance. You perform it by having your feet shoulder-width apart with your arms stretched above your head, slightly bent at the elbows. Then, you lift one of your feet and use the opposite hand to touch it. Repeat on the other side.

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    Lazy Eights

    This exercise is as simple as it gets. You do it while standing up and with your index finger trace the number eight in the air (if it’s easier for you, you can write it on a whiteboard or a piece of paper). Follow the number with your eyes.

    Do it with both of your arms separately, and then at the same time, but in different directions. This helps eye muscle movement, coordination, and attention span. Bear in mind that, besides these exercises, you can use other tools to help you in your work. GrabMyEssay is a great service that can handle any academic assignment while you can take some time to relax. 

    Cross Crawl

    You can do this exercise either by standing or lying down. It will help with improving coordination between your left and right brain side. In the starting position, you should have your feet shoulder-width apart and your right arm raised above your head.

    From that position, you need to lift your left knee to your chest and simultaneously try to touch it with your right elbow. Go back to your starting position and do the same with your opposite hand and knee.

    Neck Circles

    This exercise is great for your balance and movement coordination as you do it while standing up with your eyes closed. What you need to do is to stand up straight, eyes closed and shoulders rolled back.

    Tilt your head forward and what you need to do from there is just roll your neck to the right-back-left and back to the forward tilt center. Don’t rush while doing this as you can get pretty dizzy, take your time.

    Thinking Cap

    A thinking cap can help with boosting your memory, attention span, and mood in general.  While sitting down, close your eyes and put your thumbs and index fingers of both of your hands on the top of your ears, and slowly massage downwards, until you reach your auricle, then slowly massage back upwards.

    It’s quite simple, but after about 10 repetitions you will notice that you’re more relaxed. In case you need a bit more support besides the exercises, you can always try brain vitamins for studying. They will help sharpen your focus and attention.

    Final Remarks

    These activities replicate movements done in the first years of life when children are just learning to coordinate their eyes and body. They stimulate brain growth, and that is why they’re recommended to adults and the elderly, too.

    The exercises are meant to help with understanding, comprehension, reading, and writing. They do not take long to do, so don’t forget to include them in your next study break.

    Bio: Charlotte Banks is a gym lover. She has spent a part of her childhood learning gymnastics and believes that mental health and success come from a healthy body. A correspondent of three health blogs, she also writes on business and wants to build a name for herself.