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The Top 5 Brain Foods for Studying and Exams

To pass an exam, students usually have to put in a lot of work. It can be difficult to maintain a high level of performance, especially as the stress of studying can affect the brain after a while. To help prevent this and give students the best advice, we’ll be focusing on the 5 best foods to eat that are good for your brain while studying.

Not only is healthy eating during exams good for your health, but it’s also great for your brain. In this section of the article, we’ll be going over the top 5 brain foods for studying and exams:

1.   Eggs

A big part of exams has to do with memory, and for some students, this can be a challenge. One thing you can do to boost your memory, aside from studying harder, is to change your diet to include more eggs. If you didn’t know, eggs have been found to contain Vitamin B12, Choline, and Selenium. Whether you prefer them fried or boiled, you’re going to enjoy the wonderful nutrients they provide. So the next time you’re in the kitchen preparing something, you might want to include some eggs.

2.   Citrus fruits

Aside from being delicious, citrus fruits also help boost brain performance. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and grapefruits come with flavonoids. This is a great nutrient for boosting information retention and faster learning. You can go for citrus fruits from your local store, or you might decide to pair them with some citrus juice drinks. Whichever option you go for would be great, and a great menu option. As long as you keep fruits refrigerated, they can last a long time.

3.   Green tea

When you need a boost to keep going, a caffeine drink might be just the thing you need. While many energy drinks today are caffeinated, they aren’t the healthiest source of caffeine, so it’s recommended you don’t rely on such beverages. Coffee and tea are healthier alternatives, especially green tea. This tea also is rich in oxidants that can help boost concentration when you need it most.

4.   Dark Chocolate

While citrus fruits might have a lot of flavonoids, there’s no food that has more flavonoids by weight than cocoa. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa beans, and when consumed, can help boost the flow of blood to the brain, thus increasing reaction time and brain performance—just the sort of thing you might need heading into an exam.

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5.   Green Vegetables

Generally, consuming more vegetables is more likely to improve brain function, among other positive things. Green vegetables in particular have been known to be very helpful. They contain vitamin K, which helps with brain performance, and also have brain-protecting antioxidants. Next time you’re in the mall, you might want to buy some spinach and broccoli.

In Conclusion

A healthy lifestyle is something we should all consider. Healthy eating doesn’t always have to start when you have an exam on the way, but it can be particularly helpful during this period. Always remember that while the foods listed in this article are healthy, they shouldn’t make up the entirety of your diet. You should also consider other sources of nutrients for a more balanced meal. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide how you would like to eat moving forward.

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Charlotte Banks is a food nutritionist and freelance writer. She enjoys learning about various ways to stay healthy, and also shares what she learns through her articles. When she doesn’t have work to do, Charlotte prefers going for a long walk or going to the gym to stay fit and healthy.

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