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Basics of Boosting Your Testosterone Level

Here is a fact: you have always been concerned about your testosterone. This hormone has become an all-time interest for every man, although sometimes they don’t understand it. You can ask professionals about it, if ever you’re in the area a quick search for ed doctor NYC can help you a long way

Testosterone (also referred to as T) makes for the most vital sexual hormone. Hence, knowing how to maintain and boost its level will answer many of your questions regarding manhood and men’s health.

1. Exercising Regularly

Testosterone and exercising go hand in hand. The more you include physical activities into your routine, the better are circumstances for boosting your testosterone levels. This hormone is linked to building your body mass, especially the muscles.

Hence, when you carefully lose weight and train your body, it increases the production of testosterone. Numerous studies have found that obese men tend to have lower levels of T, while men who work out often have more control over this hormone.

Pro tip: You can opt for weight lifting as it proved to have beneficial effects on T production.

2. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

The good night’s good zzzs helps to boost your testosterone levels too. In general, sleep aids all the body processes if it is enough. Alternatively, it can affect all those processes if you don’t get enough sleep. Many people claim they can go and chill while sleeping 4-6 hours per day.

Those can be just short-term benefits with long-term consequences. Having at least 7-9 hours of sleep per day is the recommended amount for every adult man. The University of Chicago found out that for each additional hour of sleep, T level increases up to 15%.

Pro tip: You can start by gradually establishing a sleep regime, and your T will thank you later.

3. Having Active Lifestyle

This tip is the logical and broader continuation of the first one as it is necessary to be active in general and not only at the gym. Being active doesn’t translate into moving every five minutes. It pushes you to reconsider your sedentary lifestyle and think of creative ways you can alter it.

If you have time, don’t take the elevator; take the stairs. Get off the bus or taxi one stop before the one you need and walk the remaining distance. If you are doing presentations or speeches online, as many should do, do them standing, not sitting.

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    More testosterone gives you the male strength and vigor to achieve more than you thought you could.

    Pro tip: Start by adding little walking activities to your routine, but also remember to pair it with sleep and healthy nutrition.

    4. Eating These Foods

    Speaking of foods, there are some that you can include in your diet. You might have heard about how important protein is to men’s health: let’s reiterate it. Protein plays a vital role in securing the necessary testosterone levels.

    Foods like chicken, beef, fish, and eggs constitute the basis for enough protein intake. Don’t worry if you are a vegan. You can opt for nuts, tofu (yes, tofu is vegan-friendly), and seeds. Seafood especially is rich in vitamin D, which also partakes in boosting the T levels.

    When you don’t get enough of these elements, your body produces less testosterone than it can.

    Pro tip: An easy go-to move would also be consuming pomegranate or its juice as it also increases the production of sex hormones.

    5. Using Vitamins and Supplements

    Inevitably, there can be situations when you cannot go along without taking vitamins and supplements. The same vitamin D can not be produced just because you looked out of the window once, or you just live in a sunny place.

    The body needs at least 15 minutes of exposure to the Sun to produce the necessary levels of this vitamin. As not many have that time, taking supplements can help you compensate for its lack. Also, it is vital to know that testosterone can benefit from magnesium and zinc supplements.

    The less is the level of these elements, the less is the level of T.

    Pro tip: You can gradually provide your body with magnesium and zinc through food. Spinach is rich in magnesium, while oysters are packed with zinc.

    By adding these easy activities to your life step by step, you will start enjoying the positive results in one or two months. However, if you suspect that you might have severe issues (such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED)), and you live in Washington, you can make an appointment for ed treatment in Issaquah.


    A professional would only guarantee that you get quality help to continue enjoying your personal and sexual life.


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