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Top 8 For The Best Pull-Up Assist Bands To Buy For 2022

While having sculpted abs is every gym enthusiast’s dream, having a strong back is equally important. A balanced approach towards exercising your body ensures that you gain strength overall when working out.

Moreover, not giving enough focus to your back while working out can lead to back pain and other health concerns in the long run.

Pull-ups are one of the most valuable back strengthening workouts. Not just that, pull-ups also help you sculpt your shoulders, chest, and forearms.

However, contrary to the benefits of this exercise, many people are still reluctant to perform pull-ups as a part of their daily workout routine.

Most of this reluctance comes from the notion that pull-ups are challenging and not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are one of them and feel pull-ups are tough, look into buying a pull-up assist band. Some of the best pull-ups assist bands to make working out a breeze.

How Do Pull-Up Assist Bands Help?

When you perform a pull-up, you use your hands to pull your entire weight up to the bar you are holding. This exercise is, in reality, a tad difficult. However, you can make it more accessible through a pull-up band.

What does a pull-up band do? If you are an individual weighing around 160 pounds and you use a pull-up band of 30 pounds, the weight you will be actually pulling up will be 130 pounds. It will ease the burden on your shoulders, and you can perform the pull-up fairly effortlessly than without a band.

Incorporating pull-ups into your routine through a pull-up assist band will help you gradually get used to the exercise. You can start with a band that supports a greater load, and once you are familiar, you can lower the pull-up weight or stop using a pull-up altogether.

What Should You Look For When Buying Pull-Up Bands?

So we agree now that incorporating exercises that tone your entire body ensures you stay fitter and healthier than just focusing on a few specific exercises. But one more query that often confuses beginners, or even frequent gym-goers, is how to opt for the right gym gears.

Using the correct gym gear is as critical to a healthy body as exercising. Because using the wrong machines or gym gear can also be counter-productive. Instead of helping you out, they can injure or damage your body.

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    Therefore, when deciding on the best pull-up assisted bands for yourself, you need to consider a few details. We have summarized them for you below:


    It is sometimes easier to get carried away by the famous brand in the market or by your best friend’s insistent recommendation. But we advise that you take a look at the material of the pull-up bands yourself before deciding.

    The make of the pull-up band will tell you tons about its resilience and durability. There is no point buying a band that breaks only after a few pull-up sessions.

    The majority of the pull-up bands in the market are produced using rubber. Look for a brand that uses natural rubber latex, which is easier on your skin and environmentally friendly. Just make sure the quality is top-notch and is all-natural latex.

    The best pull-up assist bands manufactured have almost 20 layers of flawless rubber to ensure long-term durability.

    Thickness and Length

    Now comes the technical core of the discussion.

    When buying a pull-up assist band, you need to be well aware of the thickness and length you need to choose. Then, depending on the level of your daily workout, you can decide which brand to pick. Pull-up bands come in varying thicknesses and lengths.

    The longer and narrower the band is, the lesser the capacity it will offer. However, the thicker the band you get, the more load you can expect it to hold. Shorter pull-up bands also offer better load capacity and higher resistance.

    Also, remember to buy bands that accommodate your height since they need to stretch all the way through. Commonly, all bands can easily accommodate a 6-feet individual.

    Body Weight

    The levels of resistance all pull-up bands offer are calculated in terms of a weight range. The weight range indicates the load the pull-up band is designed to support. Therefore, you need to pick the right pull-up band to support your weight during your workout.

    Easier To Carry

    If you are working out in a home gym, this isn’t a factor to consider. But for individuals who need to travel to a faraway gym, getting band sets that either come with a carry bag or are portable is easier.

    Some of the best pull-up assist bands come with a travel bag, such as the Power Guidance pull-up assist bands.

    Best Pull-Up Assisted Bands To Buy

    Now that we understand how a pull-up band helps, let us look into some of the best pull-ups assisted bands you can buy for your gym sessions.

    Rogue Monster Pull-Up Bands

    If we talk about offering a diverse range of gym gear, Rogue Monster definitely takes the lead. And likewise, they also offer a wide range of one of the best pull-up assist bands in the fitness industry.

    They have bands varying over eight thicknesses starting from 15 lbs and going up to 200 lbs. And this is why they are ideal for both beginners and experts. Having a diverse range also means allowing individuals the opportunity to combine two bands for a more customized experience.

    Moreover, they are way cheaper when you buy two or more bands together. The quality of these pull-up bands is also unmatchable in the market, with only a few being as durable as Rogue Monster pull-up assist bands. Finally, customer satisfaction is top-notch when it comes to these bands.


    The quality of these bands is one of the best in the market, and they give you great value for money through fantastic durability.

    Rogue Monster offers a wide range of bands, unlike most of its competitors in the market.

    The pricing is also great, and they offer great discounts when you buy bands in pairs.


    Even though the prices may seem reasonable in terms of the quality and efficacy offered, they are indeed a tad steep compared to other alternatives in the market. But you do get fantastic quality for the higher prices, so you pay for the higher reliability and resilience of the bands.


    If you are someone who aims to buy the best pull-up assist band regardless of the price, this is a perfect fit for you. It offers excellent durability for a higher price and promises a long-term use cycle.

    Serious Steel Resistance Bands

    If you are okay with the strong latex smell the bands give away in the initial weeks, these pull-up bands are great for workouts.

    They have a range of six bands from 15 lbs to 150 lbs. They also come in sets of four and six. And if you buy it in sets, they give you a hefty discount.

    Moreover, the past customers only have good things to say about these bands. They have a fantastic reputation which means you can rely on them to stay with you for a long-time.

    However, there have been rare cases where users have complained about the bands peeling or damaging earlier in use. But these are barely negligible among the excellent reviews these bands frequently get.


    You get a variety of bands at an excellent price in the market.

    You can buy sets and avail massive discounts.


    Rare cases of bands breaking or wearing down. However, most of these cases are resolved, indicating that customer care is also top-notch.


    Looking into the details of Serious Steel, we conclude that they are one of the best pull-up assist bands available in the market right now.

    They offer some excellent quality at a fantastic price point. They also have an outstanding track record for customer satisfaction with almost zero complaints. We advise you to purchase these if you plan to incorporate band-assisted pull-ups into your workout routine.

    TRX Strength Bands

    These natural rubber latex bands are great for beginners. They offer a range of six bands between 15lbs to 150 lbs. So you got six options to choose from, which include 5 lbs to 15lbs, 15 lbs to 30lbs, 25 lbs to 50 lbs, 35 lbs to 70 lbs, 45 lbs to 110 lbs, and 60 lbs to 150 lbs.

    Also, with these pull-up bands, you get a chance to become a member of the digital TRX Training Club. And this means, as a beginner, you can get hold of some practical live classes to kick-start your workout journey.

    But note that these classes are not free. Instead, you need to pay an extra charge between $5.99 to $19.99 per month, depending on the access you want.


    These pull-up bands are perfect for beginners who want to start with low-resistance bands.

    They offer a more comprehensive range of pull-up bands which means you can continue till 150 lbs with the set of bands you bought at the start of your workout.

    You get a chance to enroll yourself in the digital training classes offered by TRX Training Club. How cool is that?


    These bands can be harmful to you if you are allergic to latex.

    These bands are not suitable if you are an experienced lifter who wishes to train with bands more than 150 lbs.


    If you are a beginner, TRX pull-up assist bands are a good fit. These are also great for people looking to hire a trainer for their fitness journey. With TRX bands, you get both.

    WODFitters Pull-Up Assistance Bands

    If you want to buy some good resistance bands for workouts, consider WODFitters bands. They offer a range of bands between 35lbs and 175lbs. However, unlike most other brands, WODFitters pull-up assist bands to come in a set of five and not six.

    As a result, it can make your transition between bands a little trickier because you will need to jump to a higher resistance once you plan to switch.

    However, there is a catch. In the past, frequent customers have questioned the quality of the WODFitters bands. Even though this product is relatively economical compared to other products, you wouldn’t want it to snap during a pull-up now, would you?

    Also, the customer service seems to be a little slow. But you can give it a shot if you are looking for one of the best pull-ups assisted bands in the market but at a lower price.


    You get a good product at a much lesser price in the market.


    You get a narrower range of bands to choose from, with WODFitters having only five bands instead of the usual six most of the brands offer.

    Customers have exhibited concerns regarding the quality of WODFitters bands with incidents such as bands snapping or getting easily damaged during activity.


    We believe WODFitters is the right choice for people who want good bands but are short on budget. You can also look into these bands if you are unsure about your long-term commitment to exercising and hence, are skeptical about investing a lot of money in gym gear.

    Power Guidance Pull-Up Assist Band

    Power Guidance has garnered a good reputation thanks to its effective and high-quality products in the gym-gear world. Similarly, their pull-up assist bands also do not disappoint fitness enthusiasts.

    They offer a range of five pull-up bands, and their pricing is fantastic. Additionally, their customer service is very prompt, so you can expect immediate replies to queries and not have to wait days to sort your requests.

    The bands have incredible quality, so you do not have to worry about snaps or early damage with these pull-up bands. These are among the best pull-up assist bands you can consider adding to your working-out collection.

    They come in five bands, and you can choose to buy a single band or a set, depending on your exercise needs.


    These pull-up assist bands are made out of fifteen super-quality latex layers.

    They come with a carry bag, making it easier to hold on when commuting to your gym.

    Their pricing structure is also superb, and you get unique products at great prices in the market.

    Don’t forget the prompt customer service that makes solving problems a piece of cake.


    The elasticity of the bands can wear out sooner than other good pull-up assist bands on the market.


    These are your safest bet if you want to invest a little money into durable and robust pull-up assist bands. We are sure these will prove an excellent addition to your workout gear arsenal.

    REP Fitness Pull-Up Bands

    These bands come in seven sizes and give you long-term robustness. The sizes start from XXX Light and go up to X Heavy, which means you can use them for various exercises such as strength training or stretching.

    These bands offer different levels of resistance, with the maximum being 175 lbs with 3.25 inches of width. It means they are perfect for beginners and experienced athletes looking to enhance their pull-ups. They are also available in sets, much like other pull-up bands on the market.


    These are perfect for individuals who want to invest in long-term pull-up bands that offer a more comprehensive range of weights.

    They offer pull-up bands for lifters who want to add heavier resistance bands to their routine such as the 175 lbs single band.


    People looking to buy light resistance bands should not invest in these. They can easily get cheaper options in the market.

    There are only five levels of resistance available. So if you want more levels, you should not be buying these pull-ups assist bands.


    These are the best pull-up assist bands for individuals who want gym gear that lasts for years. If you are fully committed to your fitness journey, you should invest in these bands as they offer excellent quality.

    Intey Exercise Resistance Bands

    Even though these bands offer a good weight range between 15 lbs. to 125 lbs., they offer little resistance compared to other products in the market. So if you are starting your pull-up training, these are not the best pull-up assist bands for you.

    The pricing of these bands is an eye-grabber but wait. Some customers complain that the product snapped only during the initial use.

    The brand offers 24 monthly assurance and return policy, but why buy a product that has a risk of snapping in the first place?

    But let’s give these bands the benefit of the doubt. They are cheaper than many alternates in the market so we should lower our expectations, shouldn’t we?


    You can buy these bands in the market at a great price point.

    They offer a return guarantee of up to 24 months which seems like a good option.


    They need to work on their quality assurance way more than they currently do.


    We don’t have much to say other than you can buy these bands if you are looking for a cheaper option among the best pull-up assist bands on the market. Even though not the best quality, the Inkey exercise bands give you good value for your invested money.

    Garage Fit Resistance Bands

    We all are a fan by now of bands that offer a more comprehensive weight range. It just gives us a better choice to make when picking out bands for our pull-ups.

    Garage Fit bands offer eight levels of resistance. So, of course, they are bound to charge a little more than usual with the variety they offer. And this is why Garage Fit pull-up bands are expensive.

    However, if you wish not to spend a lot of money, you can buy only the bands or the sets you need and avoid spending extra.

    Moreover, some customers have issued complaints relating to the quality and durability of the product.


    They offer a great variety of bands and sets.


    Few customers have notified concerns about the quality of the material and the durability of the bands.


    These bands are ideal if you are looking for a brand that offers greater band variety. Their quality is also pretty good, apart from a few complaints about material staining, etc. Otherwise, on a scale of 10, we rate these bands at an 8.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should you wear the band below your knee or under your feet?

    You should wear the resistance band under your feet since you need to keep your legs straight during the exercise. Keeping the legs straight is essential to develop the right core strength and complete the full pull-ups.

    Is it better to buy a single band or a set of multiple bands?

    If your budget allows, buying a set of bands is a better choice than buying single bands. This way, you will save on the delivery costs of ordering a single band each time. Moreover, most brands offer a discount when you buy a set of bands to save you money.

    Also, having a band already with you when you plan on making a transition is more manageable than ordering it and then waiting for it to arrive.

    Can you use two pull-up bands at the same time?

    Yes, you can. It is easier to double up the resistance using two smaller bands than buying a larger resistance newer band. Also, adding a smaller pull-up band to your existing one can help you smoothly transition to a higher resistance level.

    How long do pull-up bands last?

    Well, the answer to this pretty much lies in the quality of the pull-up bands. A good pull-up assist band should last you for years, depending on your usage and the quality of the material.

    How should I clean my pull-up assist bands?

    The best way to clean your pull-up assist bands is to wipe them with a wet washcloth. Running them underwater is not a good idea.

    Final Verdict

    Getting the right gym gear is critical for your entire workout session. Without the right gym accessories, you might not be able to reach the optimal level of your workouts.

    One such accessory is a pull-up assist band. These bands help individuals achieve their pull-up targets with assistance.  

    In the discussion above, we listed some of the best pull-ups assisted bands. Some offer more excellent quality, while others offer several resistance levels. You need to look into your preferences and choose a pull-up band that suits your workout needs.