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15 Best Cable Crossover Machine for Home Gyms In 2021

Upper body workouts can get overwhelming. This is especially true when you also have to choose the right equipment to keep in your home gyms. In case you do find the required equipment, trial often makes you realize it is incompetent or even inadequate.

Things get complicated when people end up buying expensive machines only to realize they don’t target the complete set of required muscle groups. In another case, the equipment ends up doing more harm than benefit due to its complicated mechanism or ineffectiveness.

In another scenario, if you’re done with the mundane dumbbell and weight set route to working out, you’ll be looking for a good alternative. But the question remains the same, what is a competent machine to efficiently cover all your upper body workout requirements?

The answer to all your prayers of having a toned upper body is a crossover machine. This Machine is one of the most effective and multipurpose equipments that should be your home gyms must-have.

But how does one choose from such a wide array of choices? Not to worry, this post covers the updated best cable machine for home gyms.

10 Cable Crossover Machines That Are At The Top Of Their Game In 2021

It is a fact that cable crossover machines can be gigantic equipment. This is a big concern for people with home gyms. Most people prefer solitude while working out and shouldn’t be missing out on such a good machine due to this.

With the new compact models and less intimidating designs, it is possible to alter the conventional workout style. Some of the best cable machines for home gyms can be kept in homes without taking up too much space.

Here is a list of the ten best cable machines for home gyms this year.

1. Body-solid Pcco90x Cable Crossover Machine

Body-Solid Powerline PCCO90X Cable Crossover Machine for Weightlifting
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The minimalistic designed Body-Solid PCC090X stands 82 inches high. Its length and width are 112 and 39 inches, respectively. 

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    Design and Features:

    The 108 lbs machine is specifically designed to be compatible with home gyms and small interiors. It can be put up against any wall when not in use hence providing space for movement and other equipment.

    The Machine comes equipped with an ankle strap as well as two cable handles. The quality of these cable crossover machines is guaranteed thanks to the nylon bushing technology and eight sealed ball bearings.

    These eight sealed ball bearings allow for improved efficiency and smooth movement of the Machine.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    You can target an array of muscle groups with these cable crossover machines. Be it pectorals, biceps, triceps, or your abs.

    2. Body-solid Powerline Pft100

    Body-solid Powerline Pft100
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    The equipment depth is 42 in, Its weight is 63 in, and it stands at the height of 83 in.

    Design and Features:

    Be it a beginner-level person or a pro fitness freak. The Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 has something for everyone.

    The design is such that a variety of workouts can be performed using this equipment. In addition to this, the powerline PFT100 also works with various muscle groups as well.

    It includes a pair of pulleys that are adjusted in the vertical direction. These pulleys have mobility over a 180-degree angle for unparalleled performance.

    The variety of exercises are all thanks to the pair of nylon cable handles provided with the equipment.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    This cable crossover machine is perfect for low and high cable crossovers. Specific muscle groups, it targets include biceps, triceps press down, and extension. Others include glute kickback, rows, trunk twists, and delt raises.

    3. Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover

    Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover
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    The BD-61 cable crossover machines are 50 in long, the width is 56 in, and are 81 in tall.

    Design and Features:

    The details put into the making of this equipment make it no less than the best cable machine for home gyms. 

    The best thing about its features is that they are adjustable. These include its 16 positions as well as the cable pulley mechanism. The pair of single strap handles attached to the previously mentioned pulley are also adjustable.

    An additional perk regarding the pulleys is that they have both high and low versions.

    It promises enhanced stability thanks to the introduction of a double barrack. The weight plates that go with can either be 1″ or 2″ Olympic standard plates.

    The Machine has a full range of features from a lat pulldown bar, a row bar, a pull-up station, in addition, two single strap handles.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    The Machine targets a full range of muscle groups. 

    This is because it is compatible with workouts such as chest exercises, cable curls, upright and low row, pull-ups, and chin-ups. 

    This makes it the best cable machine for home gym as well as a full-body workout.

    4. Freemotion Dual Cable Ext Crossover Machine

    Freemotion Dual Cable Ext Crossover Machine
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    The machine has 62″ x 123″ x 95″ in LWH. It has a weight limit of 200 lbs, and the cable extension limit is 10 feet.

    Design and Features:

    These crossover machines come equipped with a pair of inter movable arms that are counterbalanced with each other.

    The compactness of its structure would make it a winner of the best cable machine for home gym award if there was one.

    It can be moved up to a 360-degree angle. To make the movement swift and adjustable, a pop-pin is added to the Machine.

    An additional perk is a provision of an exercise chart with the Machine to increase the efficiency of your workouts.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    What makes the free motion dual cable ext the best cable machine for home gym is the full range of muscles it targets. It is built to focus on increasing the balance and stability of a person.

    It is involved in the functional type of muscle training, allowing them to move together in accordance with each other.

    5. Xmark Functional Trainer Cable Machine – Xm 7626

    XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine with Dual 200 lb Weight Stacks
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    The XM-7626 functional trainer comes with the following dimensions, 43.5″L x 65″W x 84″H

    Design and Features:

    The XM-7626 functional trainer is the Machine suitable not only for home gyms but additionally family home gyms as well. 

    The movements offered by this equipment are isolateral owing to the 2:1 stack to resistance ratio. In simple terms, this means a user has a more vast range of muscles to target and isolation techniques to experiment with.

    The split grill pull-up bar lets you add pull-ups and chin-ups in your workout conveniently.

    The structure constructed using 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ steel guarantees the durability and rigidness of your cable crossover machine.

    Accompanying accessories include two 8″ hand straps, 17″ long strap handles, one 23″ tricep rope. In addition to these, a long and short bar, leg curl strap, and leg extension straps also come with the cable crossover machine.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    The XM-7626 functional trainer is a full-body workout beast that can target a wide range of muscles.

    6. Rogue CT-1 Cable Tower 


    The name speaks for itself when it comes to the Rogue CT-1 Cable Tower. At 9 ft, the cable machine really is a tower.

    The overall structure is a 3 x 3 steel frame that will stay in your home gym for a long time.

    Design and Features:

    The Machine comes with a 250 lbs weight stack taking it into a league of its own. There is a diamond-plated foot-plate which you can do rows on. The pulley has a 180-degree mobility range, and the Machine offers a variety of 16 height adjustments.

    Extra provisions include plastic band attachment pegs and leather tricep rope.

    There is one downside to this heavy-duty workout equipment. It needs to be bolted to the base or floor where it will be placed, but Rogue does not include the hardware for it in the package.

    Even though the Machine is the best cable machine for home gym, especially for pro fitness enthusiasts, it does require extra effort.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    It covers most of the upper body muscle groups as it is competent for exercises such as tricep pushdowns, curls, rows as well as cable crossovers.

    7. Body-solid Gdcc200 Functional Training Center 

    Body-solid Gdcc200 Functional Training Center 
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    The GDCC200 functional training center is built on the following dimensions, 43 in x 73 in x 84 in (L x H x H)

    Design and Features:

    The features of the GDCC200 training center include a pair of 160 lbs weight plates, as well as a pair of nylon handles. The handgrips are foam fitted, keeping in mind the comfort and grip of the user.

    It also includes locking attachments and pulleys manufactured with Fiberglass reinforced nylon material.

    It has at least 20 adjustments and a mobility range of 180 degrees. But what makes it the best cable machine for a home gym is its construction. 

    The premium quality can be verified by the 11 gauge of commercial grade and the electrostatically applied powder coat final touch.

    It takes up minimum space due to its home gym-friendly design and can be kept in small spaces.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    Targeted muscle groups include lats, trapezoids, triceps, deltoids obliques, and general fitness.

    The Machine is capable of helping you perform an effective upper body workout routine.

    8. BOWFLEX PR1000 home gyms

    BOWFLEX PR1000 home gyms
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    The Bowflex PR1000 home gym itself has the following dimensions, 84″ x 38″ x 82″.

    Whereas the packaging it will come in has these, 54″ x 33″ x 8″.

    Design and Features:

    The compact Machine is optimum for small spaces and can be considered as the best cable machine for home gym.

    Other various features to set this fact to stone include its wide range of resistance and variety of exercises. You can perform at least 30 exercises on this Machine.

    The unique feature of the Bowflex PR1000 home gym is the additional rowing machine rail that comes with it. However, rowing won’t be the only thing you will be doing with this multipurpose beast.

    In addition, it also has a built-in bench press and lat pulldown to add variety to your workout routine. 

    It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs which proves how sturdy the equipment is.

    The area it requires is a minimum of 100 x 78 in, which makes it the best cable machine for home gym.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    You get to target a whole array of upper body muscles with various options like the rowing rail, lat pulldown, and bench press.

    9. Titan Cable Crossover Machine

    Titan Fitness Cable Crossover Machine for Weight Lifting and Bodybuilding
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    The Titan cable crossover machine has the following dimensions, 113″ W x 36″ D and 83.5″ overall height. However, its clearance height stands a little lower at around 80.5″.

    Its own weight is somewhere around 110 lbs which makes it easy to carry around and keep in home gyms.

    Design and Features:

    The easy storage and lightweight of this crossover machine make it the best cable machine for a home gym.

    It is designed to be stored against a wall, and when needed, you can simply pull it out to your workout area.

    Its features include the four durability-increasing bumper holders. This allows the Machine to accommodate various amounts of weight plates.

    As the name suggests, the Machine in itself is built like a workout superhero.

    The company guarantees the sturdiness of its equipment and provides a pair of premium quality cable handles. 

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    With the Titan, you get the opportunity to put a major chunk of your upper body muscles to work. These include pectorals, abs, triceps, deltoids, biceps, and obliques.

    10. Inspire Fitness Ftx

    Inspire Fitness FTX Functional Trainer
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    The Inspire Fitness FTX has the following L x W x H dimensions, 54 in x 40 in x 82 in. It weighs 544 lbs.

    Design and Features:

    The best feature of the Inspire fitness FTXis that both of its pulleys can be utilized independently. Each of the pulleys has a separate and independent weight stack as well.

    The pulleys are completely unrestricted and can be swiveled in around thirty positions. Hence, you do not need to worry about limiting your mobility or exercise options.

    In addition to the Machine itself, a few accessories are also provided. These include a triceps rope, a chin/dip belt, a pair of deluxe D handles, and a curl bar.

    In addition to these, there are a few optional add-ons as well. 

    These include an Ab Bar, a straight bar, an ankle strap, 5 lbs weights, Rubber D handles, and a bench.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    The machine targets all muscle groups and hence is your one-stop solution for the best cable machine for home gym.

    11. Marcy Smith Machine Cable Crossover Combo

    Marcy Smith Machine Cable Crossover Combo
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    This combo cable crossover machine comes with two separate parts and separate dimensions for each of them.

    1. Assembled cage dimensions : 65” x 79.25” x 84.5”
    2. Assembled bench dimensions: 68.25” x 26” x 45.5”

    Design and Features:

    The Machine is a brilliant combination of a leg developer, Smith machine, pull-up bar, cable crossovers for upper body workouts. Additionally, the leg developers, for lower body training.

    The unit has a utility bench that is removable according to your needs. It helps to add variety to an average workout routine. The bench itself is padded with comfortable material making strength training exercises more bearable.

    The press bar is according to Smith style and has been manufactured keeping safety precautions in mind. Hence the necessary safety stops and bar catches have been added.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    The Machine focuses on the muscles of the core, thighs, arms, and legs. So it isn’t just an upper body workout machine. In reality, it is multipurpose all-in-one equipment.

    12. Body-Solid SCC1200G2 Cable Crossover

    Body-Solid SCC1200G2 Cable Crossover
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    The Body-Solid SCC1200G2 measures at 91 by 35 by 156 in, in terms of L x W x H. 

    Design and Features:

    The SCC1200G2 consists of adjustable pulleys. These can be adjusted to 12 separate horizontal positions. This allows the user to start their workout in the exact direction.

    The resistance provided by the pulleys is optimum, thanks to the 180 degrees of swivel mobility it provides.

    The cable extension limit is around 9.5 feet, and it is complemented by a pair of weights of 160 lbs.

    The genuine materials used make the equipment sturdy and reliable for long-term use. These also make it the best cable machine for home gym.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    A variety of upper body muscles can be targeted with the Body-Solid SCC1200G2 Cable Crossover machine.

    13. Body-solid Pro Club Line Sdc2000g2

    Body-solid Pro Club Line Sdc2000g2
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    The Machine has the following dimensions and weight, respectively, 39 inches x 46 inches x 91 inches (L x W x H), 640 lbs.

    Design and Features:

    It consists of dual pulleys connected to the handles. The pulleys have an adjustable height owing to the pop-pin arrangement.

     The weight stacks that accompany it come in a pair weighing 160 lbs. These weights are attached to dual cables.

    The Machine has a genuine quality 2 x 4 in a steel frame for durable and long-lasting performance.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    All upper body muscles are targeted.

    14. Body-solid Bfft10r Cable Crossover Machine

    Best Fitness by Body-Solid BFFT10R Functional Trainer and Cable Machine with 190 Lb. Weight Stack
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    The body solid BFFT10R cable crossover machine comes with the following dimensions, 55 x 61 x 84 in (L x W x H)

    The Machine weighs 309 lbs.

    Design and Features:

    The features include a pair of pulleys that are fully adjustable for optimum functional training of various muscle groups.

    It provides many exercise starting points due to the 180 degrees movement it provides.

    The Machine lacks a cable design and is accessorized by one 190 lbs weight stack and a pair of nylon cable handles.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    The muscle groups targeted by this Machine include all upper body muscles.

    15. ARCHON Wall Mount Cable Crossover

    ARCHON Wall Mount Commercial Ball Bearing Cable Station
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    Design and Features:

    The features include a pair of pulleys that are fully adjustable for optimum functional training of various muscle groups.

    It provides many exercise starting points due to the 180 degrees movement it provides.

    It also has four ball bearings linearly designed. These allow 17 different positions in the vertical direction. This allows for not only unilateral but also bilateral training.

    You can easily mount one stud using the upper or lower wall mounts. The equipment has the most compact design amongst all its counterparts, making it the best cable machine for home gym.

    Targeted Muscle Groups:

    All upper body muscles are targeted by this Machine.

    Purchasing Guides

    Now that we have established the top cable crossover machines to choose from for your home gyms, let’s look into some specifics. 

    These are general key points to keep in mind when buying your Machine.


    When buying equipment for smaller places like home gyms, it becomes crucial to look at the size of the equipment.

    In areas with limited spaces, this becomes as prioritized a factor as the quality and product assembly. 

    You don’t want to buy the most expensive, high-quality, highly efficient equipment in town and end up having nowhere to keep it.

    The good idea is to shortlist some compact devices beforehand or take the measurements of your gym, so it becomes easier to buy the Machine.


    Contrary to popular belief, durability should be more prioritized over features when choosing workout machines. 

    It is no hidden fact that these machines, especially cable crossover machines, are subjected to some rough sessions. A durable machine will cost much less and be more fruitful in the long run than a nondurable machine.

    Design and Features

    The most important add-on in cable crossover machines is the pulley strap system. This particular part of the system is the one that is subjected to maximum use. Hence, it should be of the right height and according to your comfort.

    In newer machines, accessory equipment such as pull-up bars as well as built-in benches is also added. 

    These allow for a wider variety of workouts and also to make a single multipurpose device that covers most of your workout needs.

    Although these add-ons may cost you a few extra bucks, they are worth the expense.

    Weight Bearing Capacity

    Make sure that you and your Machine are on the same page when it comes to weight capacity.

    Buy the Machine that has the right resistance ratio and can also handle the weights you want to be lifting.

    Multi-purpose Machine

    A good cable crossover machine for home gyms is one that can provide you with maximum exercise options in one Machine.

    This can be done by getting a device with maximum add-ons and multipurpose features of its own as well.

    Single Pulley vs. Double Pulley: Explaining Why Some Weights Feel Heavier 

    The weights between two different machines can feel heavier or lighter at times. This isn’t your imagination.

    The technicality behind this is in the number of pulleys that a machine has. This number of pulleys acts as leverage and provides us with rem known as the leverage ratio.

    The increase in the number of pulleys will decrease the force you have to apply to lift the weights. 

    This is explained by the following example.

    If the resistance ratio is 1:1 and the weight you are trying to lift is 100lbs. In this scenario, you will require a complete 100 lbs of force to lift the weights.

    In another case, the resistance ratio is 2:1, and the weight is still 100 lbs. In this case, you will have the aid of the pulleys while lifting the weights.

    Hence a force of 50 lbs will be sufficient to lift the 100 lbs weight.

    The two things the compatibility of which you need to keep in mind when buying a machine for your personal gym are

    1. Resistance ratio
    2. Provided weights

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What Benefits Are There For Working Out With A Cable Crossover Machine? 

    A cable crossover machine has the user targeting more than a few muscle groups on a single piece of equipment. This means one single device for more than one exercise.

    The biggest benefit of using it is the convenience it creates in compact areas. It might look like a giant in some cases, but practically it’s different.

     A cable crossover is the best option for activating multiple muscle groups in your body. It is hence the best option for people who own home gyms. 

    This is because home gyms require compact multi-purpose equipment rather than a clutter of multiple smaller pieces of equipment.

    Is a cable crossover machine worth Buying? 

    If you are working out with a professional trainer and want to work out without major injuries, a cable crossover machine is completely worth the bucks.

    These machines have the mechanism to protect the joints during high-intensity workouts and are able to guide the weight in a controlled way.

    The exercises performed using a cable crossover machine are unique in the way that they target your muscle groups. This is especially true when compared to free weights.

    Which Exercises Can Be Done On Cable Crossover Machine? 

    The question shouldn’t be which exercises one can do with a cable crossover machine. Instead, you should be asking which ones you can’t do with one. 

    While using a cable crossover machine, the user does squats, bends various forms of pulling as well as pushing exercises.

    How to adjust a cable pulley machine?

    The two types of machines have weight plates or pin-loaded eight mechanisms.

    For the former, the center pin can be pulled and adjusted where required.

    For the latter, the weights can manually be adjusted by adding or subtracting.