Best Adjustable Weight Bench Reviews 2017

Best Adjustable Weight Bench Reviews 2017: Top Weight Benches Compared

Looking for the best adjustable weight bench for your home gym in 2017?

Grasping the best weight bench reviews provide a huge opportunity to have a head-start when deciding on the best features of a weight bench that will suit your training needs.

1. Best Workout Bench For Home In 2017

Weight benches are available in a range of designs and they come with add-on equipment that is optional; depending on what your fitness goal might be. A number of manufacturing companies are available in the marketplace with their brands so that you have an open field to explore.

You need to consider a number of indices as you proceed to buy the best workout bench that meets your expectations. Going through the highlights here will provide you the needed insight.

2. What To Consider When Buying The Best Adjustable Weight Bench Set

The need for a weight bench is such that goes across personal home usage and an ordered setting like the gym. The need to take on some squats, Incline/decline bench press or deadlifts underscores the routines that make it possible for you to stay in shape. As a basic need for fitness routines, a weight bench is not like your power rack that can be overlooked.

You need the best weight bench for home or general use so that your workout can be safer and effective as you envisaged.

Here is an outline of what to consider as you shop for the best weight bench set:

2. 1 Adjustability

The adjustability of a weight bench is a major issue to consider and it should be such that provides up to 4 or more preset positions.

The additional edge to look out for is the decline angle that would be favorable for your routines. This enhances and facilitates an array of muscle –groups and workout positions that will amplify the desired intensity of your choice.

2. 2 Build Quality

A weight bench that must meet the mark is such that should have well-balanced and extremely sturdy built.

This is where prices and quality will probably alternate as low-quality buys will wobble over the short –term leading to a truncated workout experience and compromise to your safety.

2. 3 Good Padding

A weight bench needs to have sufficient padding so that it can cushion your butt as you work out. The seat needs great ergonomic slant and back pads to make you comfortable as you take on heavy weights while exercising.

Your need to have adequate seat support cannot be overlooked if you must enjoy the optimal weight bench experience.

3. Why Adjustable Bench Are The Best For Home Gym

A weight bench is a great means to build your pectoral muscles without having to explore the good old supine press that involves lying on the floor.

The use of the much-vaunted weight bench will provide you more mileage beyond what the supine press can do. This also goes for the standing exercises as they are inferior to the ease presented by the weight bench.

Here are the Advantages of the weight bench:

3. 1 Angular Muscle Coverage

The muscles and nerve endings that are difficult to reach are provided proper coverage when a bench workout is explored. This will lead to a straight posture so that the lower muscles on your back are well exercised. This also helps to build core stability as you progress through your training routines.

3. 2 Takes Out the Hard Parts

In the same vein, while sitting, you are able to impact some muscles that are otherwise difficult to flex when you are standing.

Rear deltoids provide the easiest illustration as you can lift dumbbells while you are seated during bench workout sessions so that you can be stabilized and proceed with some comfort.

3. 3 Multiple Purpose Fit

The weight bench is popular multipurpose equipment that can enable you to proceed with core exercises, step-ups as well as calisthenics.

If you desire to workout at home, then you should explore the best weight bench for home use.

When you are a beginner in the world of weight training, you will realize that to keep at technique, breathing, and proper posture can be a lot of hassle.

As a beginner, there is a need for crucial support while exercising so that you do not fall over as you go through the ropes of training routines.

4. The Best Weight Bench Brands In 2017

#1. Xmark Fitness Commercial XM-7472 Adjustable Weight Bench

XM-7472 Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench Review By Garage Gym

One of the best-reviewed weight benches you can find is the XMark Fitness Commercial and it is also an adjustable weight bench.

The design of this weight bench is such that makes it stand out as it boasts of a mainframe designed from rectangular steel of 2 x 3 dimensions. The 11-gauge construct is hammered out from a steel base of commercial grade.

The bench is able to accommodate up to 1500 pounds of weight and this makes it a standard-bearer in the marketplace of the best weight bench set. The seat is adjustable at 3 levels in addition to the flexibility of seven adjustment positions.

Talking about aesthetics, this weight bench is visually pleasing and with the affordable price range, you have fewer barriers to owning your desired weight bench.


  • Weight capacity of 1500 lb.
  • The adjustment points for the back pad is 7 in all
  • The recline position is the full military slant down to the declineT
  • The pads are Duracraft made at 3 inches in density
  • The coated finish is scratch-resistant and built on a mainframe construct of 11-gauge steel
  • Provides optional preacher Curl and Leg Extension attachments.

#2. Body Solid GFID225 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench

Body Solid GFID225 Folding Adjustable Weight Bench Review By Garage Gym

This weight bench comes with small footprints and is surely a solid construct that makes an excellent choice as training equipment. The design is minimal in form and fits well as the best weight bench for home use.

The GFID225 was designed as a foldable weight bench and it comes with attached wheels to enhance portability.

The padding is durable and comfortable so that you can bet on this weight bench as an excellent buy at any time.


  • Fully assembled on delivery
  • Boasts of 7 adjustment positions
  • Lifetime warranty for all components
  • Comes with a rating that is befitting for commercial use
  • Oval tubing of 2x3 dimension suits heavy duty use

#3. Marcy Deluxe Utility Bench – SB670 Adjustable Weight Bench

Marcy Deluxe Utility Bench SB670 Adjustable Weight Bench Review By Garage Gym

The Marcy Deluxe is a rugged weight bench that comes at an affordable price that suits a range of fitness buffs. They are available in colors of black and white hue so that you can have the right of choice.

You will love the Marcy as it provides a decline level-positioning in addition to 5 other flexible levels. So, you can work on the chest press or any of the decline press whenever you need to with no fuss.

The seat is adjusted automatically as you change your position while providing you adequate support. You have the benefit of 6 angles to use as you go about your weight bench routines.

If you are constrained by space, you can be sure you have a perfect fit in this adjustable weight bench that can also be folded when not needed. This sturdy weight training equipment has been assembled from commercial-grade steel of 14-gauge class. The high-density foam used for the padding provides you lots of comfort and support.

The Marcy does not come assembled and this is a likely drawback for those who are not technical savvy. It sure fits beginners and provides excellent value for money.


  • Back, ABS, shoulders and chest intensity is made possible
  • Top –grade upholstery with excellent foam density
  • Back pads can be adjusted from flat to the least decline levels
  • Back pads can be set to any of the 6 positions
  • Fit for half cages, squat racks as well as the smith machines

#4. Bowflex Selecttech 5.1 Adjustable Weight Bench

Bowflex Selecttech 5.1 Adjustable Weight Bench Review By Garage Gym

Bowflex SelectTech comes up on the list of the best weight bench models for a good distinction. It is designed to ease your transformation of any space to a fitness platform and suits an inclination of 90 degrees as well as 17 -degrees decline flexibility.

This weight bench is a great fit for personal support as it boasts of a hold-down feature on its detachable leg. The weight accommodation is peaked at 300 pounds but it is a sleek design that has excellent aesthetic appeal.

The weight bench needs some assembling as it is delivered with bolts and nuts. But that said the procedure for putting it together is not encumbered. You will also need some room to have it in use as it is not foldable.


  • This is personal weight fitness equipment that is portable
  • Comes with an adjustability range of 6 separate positions of choice
  • The leg is detachable and can be used as a hold-down if necessary
  • The upholstery is on a year warranty while the frame carries a 30-year warranty
  • Transform any space into a personal free weight fitness center
  • Suited for posture correction and can build your muscles with the several workout possibilities

5. Our Recommended Adjustable Weight Bench For 2017

Our top pick of the best weight bench on this outline is the Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench - SB670. It comes with a back pad suitable for chest routines.

It has an upholstery finish that is excellent and it provides up to 6 points of adjustments and has been fashioned from top-grade steel for durability.

6. Final Thoughts About The Best Weight Bench For Home In 2017

Hope you have narrow down your choices even though there are variety of options present. Plus, the various budget-friendly prices at which these weight benches come, it can be a daunting task to select.

However, you need to realize that selecting a bench is a long term investment and once you have made a choice, you need to stick to it for some time.

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